Chemistry 14D

Spring 2011 - UCLA


>250 Chem 14D students rallied to make 87 music videos about organic chemistry!  Many of the videos can be found on youtube, and just a few of our favorites are listed below with links. 

For visitors, you will notice a Star Wars theme in many of the videos, as the Spring 2011 Chem 14D class strives to become ‘chemistry jedi’.

Let it Be


John Boles

Edgar Gonzalez

O-Chem Toolbox


Michelle Azurin

Daniel Brenners

Frank Choe

Mike Dai

Gargonauts - We’re Yours


Jordan Halfman

Ali Lanewala

Myan Pham

Rachel Stafford-Lewis

I Aced the Test


Andrew Haupt

Jacqui Tran

Forget That


Alex Jaksha

Sean Nguyen

Kevin Nishida

Nakia Sarad

Finals Coming Up


Ashley Cabrera

Omar Casillas

Jade Nguyen

Cliff Vuong

Bond This Way


Natalie Green

Storm Hagen

Kylie Wilson

Study Rock Anthem


David Kim



Grace Kim

Maunoo Lee

Tamir Sholklapper

Nancy Tran

Cause I’m a Jedi


Cristina Ta

Alex Wonnaparhown

Bye Bye Leaving Group


Jill Chanley

Jose Jiminez

Allison Louie

Michael Phy

*Read the UCLA Newsroom Feature Story about the Project*

Chemistry never sounded this good! UCLA students set organic chemistry to music, from Beatles to Lady Gaga” by Stuart Wolpert