Welcome to SMACS 2016-2017

Looking for a way to explore the vast world of chemistry and get involved with the department? SMACS offers a plethora of opportunities to do just that! We welcome students of all majors who have an interest in any aspect of chemistry!!

SMACS provides several resources for academic and professional development; we have faculty presentations on ongoing research projects, industry speakers and company information sessions, and graduate program representatives to aid with the dreaded question: "what do you want to do in the future?"

Along with this, SMACS is a strong proponent of outreach, and we volunteer at events such as Exploring Your Universe, STEAM Nation, and elementary school science days to get younger students excited about chemistry.

SMACS provides several resources for academic and professional development; we have faculty presentations on ongoing research projects, industry speakers and company information sessions, and graduate program representatives to aid with the dreaded question: "what do you want to do in the future?"

Finally, SMACS also hosts social events, which are a great way to meet other outgoing, chemistry-oriented individuals on campus. We have study nights, dodgeball matches against AIChE, hikes, and more to facilitate *bonding* (ha!) among members.

Email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you also want to be a part of us! Definitely come check out our upcoming events and see you all there!

2016-17 Officer Introduction

After careful review of all officer applications, we came to final decisions and welcomed our new officers of the 2016-17 academic year this Saturday. Old officers were at the meeting to guide their successors and to give advice from their personal experiences.

Thank you for all who applied and congratulations to SMACS' new officers on board! Look out for updates about them in short on our Officers page, and feel free to ask them about SMACS when you come across them on campus! They are really excited to work with you in the following year!

Email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you also want to be more involved in SMACS or if you have any questions.

Week 3 Updates

Thank you to those who came out to volunteer at Warner Avenue Elementary's Science Slam this Saturday! Despite the rain, the students and parents had a great time.

SMACS' first general meeting of the quarter is tomorrow, Tuesday April 12 at 6PM in Young Hall 2033. Our faculty advisor Professor Richard Kaner will talk about his group's research on graphene synthesis and applications. As always, pizza will be provided. We will also talk about upcoming opportunities including industry tours, volunteering for Bruin Day, and serving as an officer for 2016-2017.

Officer applications are now being accepted. A link to position descriptions is available on the application form. If you've enjoyed taking part in SMACS this year and would like to become even more involved next year, please submit your application by April 30, 2016 at midnight. Interviews will take place shotly afterwards. Email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you have any questions. We particularly encourage underclassmen to apply!

Chemistry Bowl Competition

Pasadena City College is hosting a Chemistry Bowl Saturday, April 9, 2016 8:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m on their campus. This will be a competition between local ACS student chapters in the Southern California region. The competition will consist of spectroscopy, lab bench challenges, relay obstacle course, and chemistry jeopardy.

The lab bench challenges will involve both qualitative and quantitative determinations of unknown substances. In the spectroscopy challenge, teams are given a spectrum from which to determine the correct chemical structure. The relay obstacle course will be done outside and will consist of a chemistry themed relay. Last is the chemistry jeopardy finale where the top three teams will compete to determine a winner. The chemistry content will be limited to general and organic chemistry. All teams competing will consist of five members. All competing teams will be divided into groups and will be rotated.

Email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you have any questions or would like to participate. UCLA has done very well in previous competitions. Let's keep up the tradition!

Spring Activities Fair

It was wonderful meeting many of you at yesterday's Spring Activities Fair! As we mentioned, SMACS has a few service activities coming up:

Warner Avenue Elementary is hosting their annual Science Slam on Saturday, April 9, and SMACS is working with the Organization for Cultural Diversity in Science (OSDS) and Dr. Neil Garg to run a booth for the kids. The theme of this year's science slam is FOOD, so we will be doing a "guess the molecule" game by having the kids smell a substance and guess the structure of the molecule. We will also do a HUGE (1-2L scale) elephant toothpaste demo as well. Sign up here.

Help represent UCLA by volunteering at Bruin Day Saturday, April 16! We will answer questions and run demos at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry booth and hold science tours for incoming freshmen. Sign up here. Lunch is provided.

We look forward to seeing you there! Email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you have any questions.

Pizza Night at CSULB & Cupcake Sale

Want a chemistry-flavored break before finals? Don't miss our two food-related events next week!

CSU Long Beach is hosting Pizza Night on Wednesday, February, 24 at 6PM. Professor William J. Evans of UC Irvine will give his talk “From Pentaborane to Uranium: How a Non-linear Career Path Through the Periodic Table Led to New Oxidation States for the Rare Earth Metals and Actinides.” SCALACS Chair Michael A. Morgan has generouly offered to pay for pizza for the first ten students who sign up from UCLA. SMACS will help arrange rides.

Our annual periodic table cupcake sale is Friday, February 26 on Bruin Walk, 10AM - 3 PM. Drop by to buy a cupcake of your favorite element for $1! Anxious to reserve your element? Request a cupcake here. Don't have a favorite? Find one here!

Please email us at acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu if you're interested in attending Pizza Night at CSULB or in helping out with baking or selling cupcakes.

Chemistry Department T-Shirt Contest

Submit a design for volunteer T-Shirts for the Chemistry department! T-shirts will be used on Bruin Day this year (April 16th for freshmen and May 14th for transfers). If you are interested, send your submission to acsbruins@chem.ucla.edu by Friday, February 6th. Include "UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry" and some sort of fun-graphic, ideally chemistry-related.

Undergraduate Research

The start of the Winter 2016 quarter is an great time for students to start undergraduate research. Participating in undergraduate research provides the opportunity to improve skills in labwork, independent thinking, and scientific reading and writing. SMACS is here to share information about how to get started in undergraduate research at UCLA.

The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) provides a variety of information about on-campus research opportunities for science students. Use the sidebar to explore the site and find pages about getting into research and applying for research scholarships. Be sure to check out the Research Positions page, where professors who are actively seeking new students share information about their research focuses and the qualifications they require.

Another reason to participate in undergraduate research: the opportunity to receive course credit. Enroll in SRP 99 to earn up to two units of P/NP credit per quarter. Enroll in SRP 199 for up to four units of graded credit per quarter. For more information on the upper division research courses, visit the chemistry department page on CHEM 196/199, or see our undergraduate advisors Tim and Denise in YH 4006.

Finally, many SMACS officers are currently involved in exciting undergraduate research. Find us at meetings or other events, and we'll be happy to talk to you one-on-one about our experiences finding and working in a lab. See you at our first Winter Quarter meeting!

October Event Sign-Ups

SMACS has three events this month for which you can RSVP now:

STEAM Nation (Saturday, 10/10): Community outreach at West LA College. This will be SMACS's fourth year volunteering and presenting! Official website: www.steamnation.org.

Seaborg Symposium (Monday, 10/19): Volunteer to help at the poster session, symposium, and dinner held by the UCLA Chemistry Department. Official website: www.seaborg.ucla.edu.

Tie-Dye Social (Friday, 10/23 - Mole Day): Joint social with chemistry fraternity AXΣ in honor of National Chemistry Week, whose 2015 theme is "Chemistry Colors Our World." Event is free, with white shirts sold for $5.

Additionally, the 45th Western Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society is being held November 6 - 8, 2015 at CSU San Marcos. ACS meetings are a great opportunity to learn about chemistry research and careers and meet chemists from other schools and industries. This WRM is the closest meeting to the UCLA campus, and at $20 is the least expensive to attend. All members are encouraged to participate! RSVP here to receive information about SMACS plans to attend the meeting as a group, with coordinating travel and accommodations. Official website: wrm2015.sites.acs.org.

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