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Natural Product Synthesis & Reaction Discovery


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“Celebrating Organic Chemistry!”

@ TEDxUCLA (2015)

Highlight Reel of the UCLA Chem 14D

Organic Chemistry Music Video Project

"O-Chem Baby" (2015)


Nikita Shams

Erin Saito

Rose Jarjoura

Danielle Polevoi

"Riptide" (2015)


Katherine Tabakian

"I Will Survive" (2015)


Neda Ashtari

Savanah Wiles

Louise Sylvester

Kristen Porisch

"Say Alkane" (2014)


Ashley Butler

"Top Chemists" (2014)


Lawrence Madella

Earl Sy

Samantha David 

(RLC Productions, ft Czarina De Jesus)

"Mashup" (2013)


Sayda Hartoonian

Laura Lorenzana

Michael Sianturi

Andy Truong

"Alkenes Are Used for These" (2013)


Jessica Lee

Emily Chuang

Christine Nguyen

"We're all Superheroes" (2013)


Winston Chang

Justin Kim

Penelope Kim-Lim

Pope Rodnoi 

(RLC Productions, ft Czarina De Jesus)

"Payphone" (2012)


Karla Canizales

China Magno

Anuvir Singh

"Hey There Neil Garg" (2012)


Firuz Yumul

Aaron Lalehzarian

Neda Ghassemi

Tianna Wilson

"We're Yours" (2011)


Rachel Stafford-Lewis

Myan Pham

Ali Lanewala

Jordan Halfman

"Let it Be" (2011)


John Boles

Edgar Gonzalez

"We in the Lab" (2010)


Jordan Cisneros

Rizwan Jattala

Sarah Sandhaus

Adam Uchimoto

"Chemistry Jock" (2010)


Yannick Goeb

Justin Banaga

Kimberly Bui

Since 2010, more than 1200 Chem 14D students have rallied to produce >500 music videos about organic chemistry. Here are some of the best videos that made it into our Hall of Fame.

Music Video Hall of Fame

Chem 14D (2010–2015)