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The Maynard Group performs cutting-edge research on polymer bioconjugates and protein nanoarrays and educates the next generation of researchers and leaders in organic chemistry, polymer science, nanotechnology, and biomedicine.

Latest Publication
Morphing Hydrogel Patterns by Thermo-Reversible Fluorescence Switching

Bat, E.; Lin, E. -W.; Saxer, S.; Maynard, H. D., “Morphing Hydrogel Patterns by Thermo-Reservsible Fluorescence Switching,” Macro. Rapid Commun., DOI: 10.1002/marc.2014000160. [LINK]

Stimuli responsive surfaces that show reversible fluorescence switching behavior in response to temperature changes are presented. Fluorophore conjugated hydrogel thin films are bright when the gels are swollen; upon collapsing of the gels, self-quenching of fluorophores leads to significant attenuation of fluorescence. Morphing surfaces are obtained by patterning multiple stimuli responsive polymers using electron beam lithography.  The polymers change shape several times upon heating.  These materials may be useful for applications such as (bio)sensors, encryption, biomedical microdevices, and self-reporting surfaces.

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Recent News
  • April 2014: Heather featured on UCLA OIP [LINK]
  • April 2014: Emma receives NSF Grad Fellowship
  • February 2014: Cait receives Departmental Fellowship
  • November 2013: En-wei wins the 2014 Cram Fellowship
  • November 2013: Heather and Kathy win the Herbert Newby McCoy Award for Outstanding Research at UCLA
  • November 2013: Kathy selected for Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium at the ACS
  • August 2013: Peter N. selected as senior Undergrad Scholar and receives Ehrisman Award
  • June 2013: Kathy and Nic receive Dissertation Year Fellowship
  • May 2013: Peter N. receives Dean's Prize for best poster

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