Group News

March 2017: Congratulations Marco on being awarded the Foote Fellowship!
February 2017: Our Bioconjugate paper gets press in C&E News [LINK]
February 2017: Heather is elected a PMSE Fellow of the ACS. [LINK]
January 2017: Heather receives a Fulbright Specialist Grant for New Zealand. [LINK]
November 2016: Heather featured in interview about heparin mimicking polymers papers in Biomacromolecules [LINK]
November 2016: Heather and Yuta's paper paper receives cover! [LINK]
October 2016: Sam and Kathy's paper receives cover! [LINK]
September 2016: Heather is invited to JACS Editorial Advisory Board.
June 2016: Kathryn is selected for the NIH Biotechnology Training Grant! Congratulations Kathryn!
March 2016: Priera is selected for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)! Congratulations Priera!
February 2016: Congratulations to Natalie for winning a best poster award at the International Nanobiotechnology meeting!
January 2016: Congratulations Emma on being awarded the Foote Fellowship!
January 2016: Uland successfully defends his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Lau!
December 2015: Priera wins the Edwin W. Pauley Foundation Award!!
December 2015: Graduate student Kathryn and Postdoc Liang (PhD Warwick from O'Reilly and Dove) join group.
October 2015: Heather's News and Views article in Nature is published [LINK] and Heather is quoted in C&E news. [LINK]
October 2015: New students join the group - welcome Priera, Kyle, and Monica.
June 2015: Heather appears in video to let undergraduates know what it is like to be a professor. [LINK]
May 2015: Yang finishes her postdoc and moves to be an Assistant Professor at Chapman University
May 2015: Heather is selected for the Defense Science Study Group for 2016-2017
March 2015: Heather named Associate Director of Technology and Development of the CNSI
January 2015: Yuta's paper receives cover of Polymer Chemistry and is selected as paper of the week [LINK]

Previous news

The Maynard Group creates new polymeric materials to address unmet needs in medicine, while simultaneously educating the next generation of scientists.

Protein-polymer conjugates

Conjugation of polymer to protein helps enhance the stability of proteins as well as improve their in vivo half-life. Our group has developed various strategies for synthesis of well-defined polymers for conjugation to proteins.

Biomimetic polymers

Rationally designed biomimetic polymers can be useful for various medical and industrial applications. We have developed polymers that mimic natural protein stabilizers to prevent degradation of various protein therapeutics.


Using electron-beam lithography, we can precisely patterned two-dimensional surface and three-dimensional structures. These patterns can be used for sensors, cell engineering, and other various applications.