Professor Maynard teaches/has taught:

  • Proposal Writing (Chem210)
  • Polymer Chemistry (181/281)
  • Organic Chemistry: Reactivity and Synthesis Part I (Chem 30B)
  • Organic Chemistry: Reactivity and Synthesis Part II (Chem 30C)
  • Physical Organic Chemistry (Chem 143/243)
  • Biomaterial Interfaces (BME 282)
  • Bionanotechnology (Chem 140/240)
  • Problems in Advanced Organic Chemistry (Chem 249A)
  • Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials (Chem 235O)
  • Organic Chemistry Seminar (Chem 247)

  • Maynard teaches short courses both in the US and abroad and recently co-organized a course on Bionanotechnology in Bariloche, Argentina. The latter school was attended by students from both the US and Argentina, and additionally involved discourses on culture of the respective countries. The lectures were provided after a US-Argentina Workshop on Nanotechnology that Maynard co-organized which was chosen as the first bilateral exchange on nanotechnology between the two countries.

    US and Argentina students during a break at the US-Argentina Summer School on Bionanotechnology