Sabeeha Merchant's Lab 2009

Updated November, 2009 - From left to right
Top Row: Eugen Urzica, Nanette Boyle, Petr Ent, Giancarlo Bonora, Anne Hong-Hermesdorf
Middle Row: Steven Karpowicz, Aimee Terauchi, Dudley Page, Diana Boy, Madeli Castruita
Front row: Janette Kropat, Sabeeha Merchant, Davin Malasarn, Anja Hemschemeier,
Scott Hsieh


From left to right
Back Row: Steven Karpowicz, Scott Hsieh, Dudley Page, Eugen Urzica, Sabeeha Merchant
Front Row: Madeli Castruita, Anja Hemschemeier, Anne Hong-Hermesdorf, Aimee Terauchi, Davin Malasarn, Janette Kropat

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