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| Dissertations |
Ph.D. Theses

(1) "The characterization of fluorescent cyclodextrin derivatives and investigation of their binding properties" by Shelli McAlpine, August 1997

(2) "Molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics and direct dynamics applied to the study of organic carbene reactivity" by Amy Keating, January 1998

(3) "Structural and electronic effects on quantum mechanical tunneling rates in the photoenolization of ortho-alkylarylketones" by Brent Johnson, May 1999

(4) "Photolysis of phenylalkyldiazoalkanes: excited state diazo reactivity, fast carbene reactions, and bystander effects on carbene 1,2-R shifts" by Krista R. Motschiedler, September 2000

(5) "Isotope effects of excited-state hydrogen abstraction in ortho-methyl diaryl carbenes and the photophysics of organic molecules absorbed into gadolinium exchanged zeolites" by Laura Sonnichsen, June 2001

(6) "Template- and structure-directed approaches for the preparation of tetraarylcyclobutanes" by Dafni Amirsakis, December 2002

(7) "Structural design, x-ray characterization, and photochemical investigation of organic molecules in highly ordered media: organic molecular rotors and reactive intermediates in crystals" by Hung Dang, September 2003

(8) "Photodecarbonylation of crystalline ketones and its application to the synthesis of tochuinyl acetate" by Zhe Yang, October 2003

(9) "Photochemical decarbonylation reactions of ketones in the solid state and applications to the stereoselective synthesis of vicinal quaternary centers in natural products" by Danny Ng, November 2003

(10) "Theoretical insights on product selectivity in diradical-mediated thermal rearrangements" by Christopher Suhrada, January 2005

(11) "Photodecarbonylation of crystalline beta,gamma-unsaturated ketones and its application to preparative scale synthesis of adjacent quaternary centers" by Christopher Mortko, November 2005

(12) "Theoretical investigations of the thermochemistry, structures, and internal rotation of conjugated polyynes" by Peter Jarowski, June 2006

(13) "Light-induced processes in organic chemistry: decarbonylations in crystals, quantum tunneling, and solar cells" by Luis M. Campos, June 2006

(14) "Design, synthesis, and solid state NMR studies of molecular gyroscopes" by Carlos Enrique Godinez, September 2006

(15) "Molecular compasses and gyroscopes: studies leading to addressable internal dynamics in the solid state" by Tinh A. Kuong, September 2006

(16) "Design, synthesis, and characterization of amphidynamic materials" by Steven Karlen, September 2007

(17) "Toposelective synthesis of a triply-bridged molecular gyroscope and polymorphogenic behavior of alkylated rotors" by Jose Eduardo Nunez, September 2007

(18) "Photophysical studies of fullerene derivatives and organic molecular nanocrystals and singlet oxygen in microheterogeneous media: direct characterization in zeolites, proteins, and immunoglobulins" by Khin Chin, September 2008

(19) "Photochemical decarbonylation of ketones in the solid state and in solution. Progress towards the synthesis of natural products" by Marino Resendiz, September 2008

(20) "Steady-State and Transient Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Photochemical Mechanisms in Crystalline Solids Utilizing Nanocrystalline Suspensions" by Gregory Kuzmanich, June 2011

(21) "Synthesis and Solid-State Photochemical Studies of Hexasubstituted Ketones and 1-Pyrazolines" by Saori Shiraki, June 2011

(22) "The Design, Synthesis, and Study of Solid-State Molecular Rotors: Structure/Function Relationships for Condensed-Phase Anisotropic Dynamics" by Cortnie Vogelsberg, 2012

(23) "Quantum Chain Reactions and delta-Hydrogen Abstraction of Aromatic Ketones: Insights into Solid to Solid Transformations and Efficiency in Crystals" by Amy Nielsen, 2014

(24) "Synthetic Modifications and Solid State Structural Analysis of Bridged Molecular Gyroscopes and a-Santonin" by Patrick Commins, 2014

M.Sc. Theses

(1) "Photochemical investigations on the origin of non-trappable carbenes: inter- and intramolecular triplet sensitization of arylalkyl diazo compounds" by Krista R. Motschiedler, September 1994

(2) "Synthesis and solid state photochemical reactivity of selected cyclopentanones" by Krisztina Peterfy, November 1996

(3) "Synthetic strategies and spectroscopic studies of organic compounds with freely rotating chromophores with potentially interesting electro-optical properties" by Carlos Enrique Godinez, June 2001

(4) "Towards molecular machines and switches in the solid state: the synthesis and characterization of molecular rotors and a molecular crankshaft employing substituted triarylmethyl groups" by Tinh A. Khuong, June 2001

(5) "Studies toward the enantiospecific photochemical decarbonylation of crystalline ketones" by Martha Ellison, January 2003

(6) "Design, synthesis, and characterization of molecular gyroscopes with benzyloxy diphenyl based stators" by Howing Leung, September 2007

(7) "Photodecarbonylation of quaternary ammonium salts of crystalline ketones" by Farnosh Family, September 2007