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| Group Members |
Professor Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay

Postdoctoral Associates
Salvador Perez Estrada

2010 Ph.D. Chemical-biological Sciences, ENCB-IPN, Mexico
email: sestrada[a]chem.ucla.edu

Graduate Students
Geeta Vadehra

2009 B.A. Chemistry, John Hopkins University
email: gvadehra[a]chem.ucla.edu

Vanessa Breslin

2012 B.S. Chemistry, Mercer University
email: breslin[a]chem.ucla.edu

Tim Chung

2011 B.S. Chemistry, UC San Diego
email: tsjchung[a]chem.ucla.edu

Jin Park

2012 B.S. Chemistry, UC Riverside
email: jinpark[a]chem.ucla.edu

Morgan Howe

2014 B.A. Chemistry, Vassar College
email: mohowe[a]chem.ucla.edu

Jordan Dotson

2015 B.S. Biochemistry, Western Washington University
email: jaydot6626[a]gmail.com
Marcus Jellen

2015 B.S. Chemistry,University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
email: mjjellen[a]gmail.com
Trevor Chang

2015 B.S. Chemistry College of William and Mary
email: trevorchang[a]chem.ucla.edu
Vince Hipwell

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2016
email: hipwell[a]chem.ucla.edu
Iris (Yang) Xue

B.S. Chemistry 2016, Jilin University, China
email: yangxiris[a]chem.ucla.edu

Visiting Scholar
Chau Huynh

2014 M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Science, Vietnam National University
email: huynh[a]chem.ucla.edu

Mingoo Jin

Hokkaido University, Japan
email: mingoo7392[a]eis.hokudai.ac.jp

Undergraduate Students
Nicole Barbour

2018 B.S. Biochemistry, UCLA
email: nbarbour[a]g.ucla.edu

Ronnie V. Garcia

2018 B.S. Chemistry-Material Science, UCLA
email: ronnievince96[a]aol.com

Former Members

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Bruce Dunn
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA

K.N. Houk
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA


Pictures from the Past


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