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July 2, 2012: Today we welcome Mr. Xizhen Lian from Nankai University. He will be spending the summer in our group working on ferroic molecular rotors as part of the Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology (CSST) program. Welcome Xizhen!

July 1, 2012: As of this date, Miguel will be serving as the Chair of our Department. He will be joined by Profs. Neil Garg, Ben Schwartz and Jim Bowie as Vice Chairs. Best Wishes!
June 27, 2012: Congratulations to Cortnie Vogelsberg for winning the Thomas L. and Ruth F. Jacobs Dissertation Award for excellence in organic chemistry research! What a great accomplishment!


September 22, 2011: Kudos to Mexican Science!  In addition to group members Dr. Denisse de Loera (Univ. Autonoma de San Luis Potosi) and Dr. Braulio Rodriguez Molina (Estudios Avanzados del IPN), our group recently welcomed visiting student Aaron Torres Huerta (Univ. Autonoma de Morelos), Dr. Salvador Perez (Ciencias Biologicas del IPN), and Prof.  Eduardo Gonzalez Zamora (Univ. Autonoma Metropolitana).  Dr. Edgar Escalante (UNAM) will start his second Postdoctoral year in October.

  June 27, 2011:  Braulio Molina's JACS communication on the anisochronous dynamics of a 1D rotor chain was highlighted on the "Noteworthy Chemistry" Web site of the American Chemical Society. Nice job Braulio!
Saori-2.jpg June 20, 2011: Tasty cupcakes and red wine were involved in our recent celebration of new Drs. Saori Shiraki (picture) and Greg Kuzmanich.  Their dissertations on  "Synthesis and Solid-State Photochemical Studies of Hexasubstituted Ketones and 1-Pyrazolines" and "Steady-State and Transient Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Photochemical Mechanisms in Crystalline Solids Utilizing Nanocrystalline Suspensions," respectively, have advanced the field of solid state photochemistry considerably!
Mexico_map_with_flag.png June 13, 2011:  We welcome new Mexican group members Regina Balderas and Braulio Rodriguez Molina.  Regina is a summer student from the University of San Luis Potosi, and Braulio is a CoNaCyT Postdoc that joins us from CINVESTAV in Mexico City. 
Greg.jpg June 11, 2011:  Congratulations to Greg Kuzmanich for being awarded the THOMAS L. AND RUTH F. JACOBS AWARD for excellence in organic chemistry research.  His award was announced during the 2011 graduation ceremony. 
June 10, 2011:  Just a month from now, on July 10-15, Miguel will be giving a presentation on "Signal Amplification with a Gain by Quantum-Chain Reactions in Crystalline Solids" at the Photochemistry Gordon Conference at Stonehill College in Easton, MA.
May 20, 2011:  Cortnie Vogelsberg was awarded a Travel Grant from the American Crystallographic Association to present her recent work on halogen-bonded molecular rotors at their 2011 annual meeting in New Orleans, LA. She is scheduled to give her talk at the Small Molecule Molecular Machines session on June 2, 2011. 
  The 2011 Organic Symposium coming up this June 4 will celebrate the accomplishments of the UCLA organic graduate students earning their PhD degrees in Chemistry this year. Our group will be represented by Saori Shiraki, Zach O'Brien, and Greg Kuzmanich. We are looking forward to thier research talks.
  April 8, 2011: Jiang Xing finished his cumes in record time! Congrats Xing!
  April 1, 2011: After a year in our group, Dr. Brianda Barrios accepted a position at the University of Helsinki. Good luck Brianda!


June 12, 2010: Greg Kuzmanich is one of a handful of graduate students selected to participate at the department's first Graduate Research Symposium organized by the Division of Organic Chemistry at the American Chemical Society. His talk is titled "Photonic Amplification by a Singlet-State Quantum Chain Reaction." Congratulations, Greg!

  June 12, 2010: Congrats to Patrick Commins for being selected as a fellow of the 2010 class of the NSF-sponsored Material Creation Training Program (MCTP).

  April 9, 2010: Dr. Brianda Barrios just joined our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Brianda received her B.S. with honors from UNAM in Mexico, and her Ph.D. from U.C.-Davis under the supervision of Dr. Claude F. Meares (editor in chief of the Bioconjugate Chemistry journal). Her work on photochemical rotors is being funded through the National Council on Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT). Welcome, Brianda!
April 7, 2010: The Department of Chemistry at Columbia University has recently announced the appointment of former Garcia-Garibay and Houk group member, Dr. Luis M. Campos, as one of two newly appointed assistant professors. In addition to doing great science at UCLA, Luis is one of the founders of the P&G Organization for Culture and Diversity. After completing his Ph.D. studies here, Luis joined the group of Prof. Craig Hawker at U.C.-Santa Barbara as a U.C. presidential postdoctoral fellow. He will start his independent academic career later this year. Congratulations, Luis!
  Jan. 26, 2010: We are pleased to welcome new group members Amy Nielsen and Patrick Commins. Amy, a graduate of Iowa State University, is interested in synthetic methodology. She joins our group to explore solid-state synthetic strategies for green chemistry. Pat earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from U.C. San Diego and spent one year in industry before coming to UCLA to apply his synthetic skills for the construction of molecular machines.
  Jan. 11, 2010: Mike Lo filed his PhD thesis on Jan. 4. The title of his dissertation is "Preparation and Selective Derivatization of Azide-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers on Native Silicon." Mike is now considering job offers. Congratulations, Dr. Lo!


Oct. 9, 2009: Group students Jeff Buenaflor and Blanca Hernandez returned from their summer internships. Jeff, a UC LEADS fellow, spent his summer at UC Berkeley working in the lab of Prof. Richmond Sarpong with grad student Jenna Jeffrey. Jeff worked on an enediyne cyclization for the synthesis of dimeric resveratrol derivatives. Blanca worked with Jasmine Hunt and Katie Feldman in the group of Prof. Craig Hawker at UC Santa Barbara. She joined their group as a RISE fellow, making hydrogels with ABA acrylic acid-PEG triblocks copolymers (with anionic end blocks and a neutral, hydrophilic middle block) and cationic DMAEMA homopolymer. Welcome back, Jeff and Blanca!

June 10, 2009: Cortnie Vogelsberg and Greg Kuzmanich (pictured below) returned from their resepective three-month MCTP internships at the universities of Milano and Erlangen. Cortnie did research on structured silicates in the group of Prof. Piero Sozzani, while Greg worked in the group of Prof. Dirk Guldi doing various pump-probe experiments. Welcome back, guys!

  Feb. 3, 2009: Research by recent grad student Hung Dang published in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry shows that it is possible to generate polar oxonium ylide intermediates within neutral crystals. The scope of reactions in crystalline solids keeps increasing.


Feb. 22, 2008: Melissa Padilla receives the Award for Outstanding Presentation at the NSF-CAMP Symposium at UC Irvine. Congratulations, Melissa!

  Feb. 21, 2008: Domino-like photodecarbonylation research published in JACS gets highlighted in Nature.

Feb. 16, 2008: Miguel Garcia-Garibay elected as a
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.