Associate Professor; Diploma in Chemistry, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University; Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award.

Research Description

Our research program is motivated by the need of creating and exploring new organic materials for future exciting technological applications such as superconductivity, magnetism, molecular electronics, and medicine. We put emphasis on modern synthetic and physical-organic chemistry to solve these important problems. Our current research effort is directed toward the total synthesis of buckminsterfullerene (C60) and particularly its endohedral metal com plexes, using a strategy in which a metal ion is encapsulated in a synthetic precursor prior to full closure to the C60-framework. The use of water-soluble endohedral C60-complexes enclosing radioactive elements for diagnostic and therapeutic applications is investigated as well as those containing paramagnetic imaging agents (e.g. gadolinium) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The clear advantage of these complexes is that the metal is encapsulated within the very stable and rigid C60-framework, thus preventing metal toxicity in vivo. For this purpose, we are studying methods for the preparation of addition compounds to C60. The attachment of functional groups on C60 has already allowed us to prepare several water-soluble amino acid derivatives, which may be used to anchor C60 to proteins or enzymes.

We are also interested in the preparation of organic ferromagnets based on two- and three-dimensional high spin networks constructed from new stable organic radicals and manganese(II) complexes. The ground spin states of the new radicals and the bulk magnetic properties of the complexes will be extensively studied.

Key Words

Organic Chemistry: materials science; fullerene chemistry; synthesis and derivatization of buckminsterfullerene and higher fullerenes; C60-based compounds of biological and physical organic interest; chemistry of bowl-shaped aromatic hydrocarbons; acetylenic chemistry; inorganic and organometallic derivatives; organic ferromagnets.

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