Major Requirements

Please note that major requirements vary depending upon
the year you entered UCLA; the year you entered the major;
and your previous coursework.

If you are currently in the major, please check your Degree Progress Report for the correct major term and refer to the same requirements below.

If you are interested in entering one of our majors, please consult our department for the major requirements you need to fulfill.

Fall Quarter 2001-present
Degree Requirements

Biochemistry Major

General Chemistry Major

Physical Chemistry Concentration

  Chemistry-Materials Science Major
  Chemistry-Materials Science Organic Concentration

Computing Specialization


Declaring or Changing Majors

If you would like to declare either a Chemistry , Biochemistry or General Chemistry major, or are currently in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department and wish to become a double major, a Change of Major Petition form is available at the Undergraduate Office, 4009 Young Hall.

To switch out of the Chemistry & Biochemistry major into another major, you will need to contact the department into which you seek acceptance.



The Math Department is switching the course content between Math 33A and 33B. Beginning Fall 2002, you will be required to take Math 33B instead of Math 33A to fulfill your major requirements. The prerequisites for the upper division physical chemistry courses that currently require Math 33A will be changed accordingly.

Beginning Fall 2002, the prerequisite for Math 33B is Math 32A.

If you have taken Math 33A prior to Fall 2002,
you do NOT need to take Math 33B.

If you have questions about this change, please contact the Ugrad Office at (310) 825-1859 or in 4009 Young Hall.