The Seaborg Symposium, 2003

"Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine"

Events After Lunch


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Juli Feigon, Session Chair, introduced Ad Bax of the National Institutes of Health.

Ad discusses "A New View of Protein Structure by Weak Alignment NMR"

Ad Bax

Lewis Kay, University of Toronto, discusses

"NMR Approaches for the Study of Protein Structure & Dynamics"

Ad Bax and Alex Pines, listening

The two medalists enjoying the talk

After Lewis' talk: Lewis Kay, Alex Pines, Peter van Zijl and Wayne Hubbell

Frank Anet and Wayne Hubbell in discussion during a break

After Robert Clubb introduced her, Dorothee Kern from Brandeis, gives the 4:00 p.m. talk "Enzymes in Action in the NMR Tube: Protein Dynamics during Catalysis"

Gerhard Wagner describes "NMR Approaches for Studying Proteins Involved in Gene Expression"


Audience members listening with rapt attention



Yi-Qiao Song and Yung -Ya Lin in Audience


Paul Boyer

 Stan Manatt and J.D. Roberts

 Bill Gelbart and Wayne Steinmetz

Wayne Steinmetz and Gerhard Wagner


Bill Gelbart concludes the closing remarks


After the Symposium,

people cluster

Dorothee Kern and Peter van Zijl


Peter van Zijl, unidentified man and Ad Bax


Bill Gelbart, Ann McDermott and Dorothee Kern




At the Seaborg Dinner


Robin Garrell, event organizer



Martin Hurlimann, addressing the dinner crowd


Gerhard Wagner, Alex Pines and J.D. Roberts


Juli Feigon and Ad Bax
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