The Seaborg Symposium, 2004

"Interacting Proteins"

Alumni Lunch honoring Christopher S. Foote

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Finding their Nametags


Tom Goyne, Lewis Manring and Dale Steichen


Table Settings


Satyan Majeti and Ta Yen Ching


Ken Houk speaking with Henri Guiraud


Chris Foote, Judi Smith and the Majetis


Charles West and Ta Yen Ching


Judi Smith and Chris Foote share a moment


Chris Foote


Chris Foote, Ken Houk and Harold Martinson


#12 Robert Smith, Charles West


Ta Yen Ching, Mike Jung and Robin Garrell


Vimala and Satyan Majeti, Harold Martinson and Sabeeha Merchant


David Eisenberg, Tom Terwilliger and Paul Boyer


Emil Reisler, Paul Boyer and Stan Prusinger


Emil Reisler and Doug Rees with Stan Prusinger in background


Lewis Manring, Tom Goyne and Chris Foote with Dale Steichen in profile in the background


Bob Denny, Vimala Majeti, Phil Bernard and Chris Foote


Chris Foote Ta Yen Ching and Satyan Majeti


Stan Prusinger and Jim Peter


Henri Guiraud, Lon Spada and Mark Bernard


Judi Smith and Robin Garrell


L-R Top: Ta-Yen Ching, Matthias Selke, Lonnie Spada, Tom Goyne, Roger Peterson, Chris Foote, Dale Steichen, Lewis Manring, Bob Denny, Henri Guiraud

Seated: Phil Bernard, Elaine Peterson, Vimala and Satyan Majeti


Harold Martinson, Chair of Chemistry


Dale Steichen, Lon Spada and Judi Smith


Tom Goyne and Robin Garrell


Matthias Selke and Ken Houk


Dale Steichen, Judi Smith and Matthias Selke


Chris Foote and Judi Smith chatting with friends


Ta Yen Ching


Emil Reisler and Doug Rees


Room overview during lunch


Vimala and Satyan Majeti and Chris Foote


Lon Spada, Dale Steichen


Satyan Majeti and Judi Smith


Matthias Selke and Ken Houk


Tom Terwiliger and Paul Boyer


Fred Hawthorne and Jane Strouse


Toasting - Chris Foote and others


Toasting -Ta Yen Ching


Toasting Lewis Manring and Chris Foote

12/13/04 by Alice Ramirez