The 2006 Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium

Friday July 28, 2006

Narrative by G-Yoon Jamie Im

 The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Day was held on July 21, 2006 at the Faculty Center with participation from current and past CBI training fellows, their mentors, and the CBI Executive Committee. The CBI training program, in its 12th year, holds an annual CBI Day to present the research done by training fellows and assess the progress of the program.

The day kicked off with an introduction by the director of the program, Dr. Ken Houk, with an overview of the history of the program and its newest initiative on the addition of associate members. Following the opening remarks, introduction of the current training fellows and summaries of their respective research projects was presented.

After a buffet luncheon, Dr. Michael Garst, Vice President of Chemical Sciences at Allergan Inc., opened the afternoon sessions with a keynote speech titled "Pharmaceutical R&D: Myth of Today and Challenges of Tomorrow." A two-hour poster session followed, giving all the CBI fellows and their mentors a chance to present their work in detail and to mingle with other students, professors, and alumni. After the poster session, four CBI alumni associates (Nora Green, Chris Lee, Jeremy McCallum, Dean Tantillo) shared their post-graduate experiences ranging from academia to industry. The group then broke up with current trainees getting a chance to network with alumni while the Advisory Council met with the CBI Executive Committee to discuss the annual program report. The day wrapped up with dinner at a local favorite Japanese restaurant, Isshin.


Lunch at the CBI Symposium, Lto R Patrick McCarren, Adam Smith, Natalie Gassman, Jennifer Murphy, Jason DeChancie



Symposium is about to begin



Chris Henry Describes his research Chris Lee (Gilead, Inc.) and Erich Wohlhieter (Amgen, Inc.)



Courtney Aldrich and Professor Jon Fukuto


Dean Tantillo, Patrick McCarren, Ken Houk



Jason DeChancie, Ramin Salehi-Rad, Ken Houk, Mike Jung, and unidentified man (in green shirt)


Professors Jing Huang and Joe Loo



Jason DeChancie and Chris Henry


Jason DeChancie and Patrick McCarren


Hiufung Chu and Jennifer Murphy



Joyce Sayegh and Cathy Kaddis



Jason De Chancie and Mike Garst (Allergan, Inc.)



Joyce Sayegh, Cathy Kaddis, Chris Lee (Gilead), Courtney Aldrich (Univ. of Minnesota), Dean Tantillo (UC Davis) and Erich Wohlhieter (Amgen)



Karina Heredia, Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Kevin Sea



Nora Green (Randolph-Macon College), Erich Wohlhieter (Amgen) and Chris Lee (Gilead, Inc.)



Greg Sand, Jennifer Murphy and Ramin Salehi-Rad


Sam Hasson, Steve Hitchcock (Amgen) and Mike Garst (Allergan)
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