Award Recipients enjoy the company of generous donors who made those awards possible at a pre-commencement reception in the Cafe Commons


Hillel Fierer with Jeffrey Yamada (recipient of the Dolores Cannon Southam Award for Excellence in Research)


Philip Gabriel and Ms. Tiffany Ly (recipient of the Ronald S. Gabriel/Scrubs Unlimited Summer Research Fellowship)



Mrs. Bobbie Boschan, Ms. Lauren May (recipient of the Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship), Professor Guillaume Chanfreau (mentor to Ms. May) and Dr. Bob Boschan. (Professors Rob Clubb and Emil Reisler in the background.) The Alumni Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship was established in 1997 by a pledge from alumnus Henry Bruman, followed by donations from other alumni, including a major donation from Bob and Bobbie Boschan.



Ms. Audrey Ross (recipient of the Yoshie Kadota Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship), Ms. Ruthi Kadota and her daughter, Ms. Akiko Woods.


Professor James Bowie (mentor) and Ms. Gabriella Boulting (recipient of the Arthur Furst Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research)


Mr. Scott Vignon (recipient of the Saul and Sylvia Winstein Graduate Student Dissertation Award), Mrs. Sylvia Winstein and Professor J. Fraser Stoddart (mentor to Mr. Vignon).


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