The years of sweating it out in the labs finally ends. The new Ph.D.s are hooded and sent off to work in industry or in postdoctoral positions

2005 Ph.D.s and their thesis titles- a complete list

Professor Emily Carter hoods Vincent Cocula



Professor Emil Reiser hoods Glenna Sowa


Professor James Bowie hooding Marisa Baron


Lamei Chen hooded by Professor Christopher Lee


Professor Miguel Garcia-Garibay hoods Christopher Mortko


Professor Fraser Stoddart hoods Sourav Saha


Eduardo Falcao being hooded by Professor M. Fred Hawthorne



Professor Yves Rubin has just hooded Shih-Ching Chuang


Professor Delroy Baugh is hooding Jefferson Rose


After the hooding, Jefferson Rose and Prof. Baugh share a moment


A view from behind

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 2005 Ph.D.s and Their Thesis Titles

Arthur Anderson (Hawthorne) "Metathesis Routes to Binary and Ternary Silicon Nitrides"
Melissa Baron (Bowie) "Underlying Architecture of the Post-Synaptic Density"
La-Mei Chen (Lee) "Global Analysis of Drug Resistance and Viral Fitness Mutations and Their Evolutionary Dynamics in HIV-1 from 50,000 HIV Positive Patient Samples"
Ryan Chiechi (Garcia-Garibay) "The Design and Synthesis of Electroactive and Luminescent Materials For Device Applications"
Shih-Ching Chuang (Rubin) "Nano Surgery of C60"
Vincent Cocula (Carter) "Spin Dependent Pseudopotential Density Functional Theory"
Brian Duclos (Jung) "Synthetic Approaches to Pentacyclic Triterpenes Leading to Diastereoselective Carroll Rearrangements And Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Betulinic Acid" Eduardo Falcao (Wudl) "Carbonaceous Materials with Exotic Morphologies"
Mark Fleissner (Hubbell) "X-ray Structures of Nitroxide Side Chains in Proteins: A Basis for Interpreting Distance Measurements and Dynamic Studies by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance"
Robin Hayes (Carter) "First-Principles-Based Multiscale Modeling of Crystalline Materials Failure"
Edward Hsieh (Clarke, C.) "Characterization of the yeast gene Abc1/Coq8 and its Role in Coenzyme Q biosynthesis"
David Hwang (Koehler) "Biogenesis of the mitochondrial inner membrane in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
De-En Jiang (Carter) "Chemistry of Iron Surfaces and Interfaces from First Principles"
Robert Jost (Garrell) "Synthesis of Monodisperse Amphiphilic Block Copolymers"
Seogshin Kang (Stoddart) "Molecular Switches for Nanoscale Devices"
Taiho Kim (Felker) "Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy of Free Radicals"
Albert Lee (Chanfreau) "Post-Transcriptional Regulations During Iron Homeostasis in Yeast"
Jeremy McCallum (Foote) "Photosensitized Oxidation of 8-Oxo-7,8-Dihydroguanine Derivatives and Investigation into Singlet Oxygen Production from the Irradiation of Antibodies"
Sun-Jun Min (Jung) "Studies on Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reactions of Furan and Progress toward Total Synthesis of Arisugacins and Territrems"
Christopher Mortko (Garcia-Garibay) "Photodecarbonylation of Crystalline Beta,Gamma-Unsaturated Ketones and its Application to Preparative Scale Synthesis of Specialty Chemicals and Natural Products"
Rebecca Nelson (Eisenberg) "Structure and Properties of Yeast Prion Peptides"
Aaron Novack (Jung) "Novel [2+2] to [4+2] of Rearrangement of Cyclobutanes"
Amit Oberai (Bowie) "Estimating The Diversity of the Membrane Proteome"
Julie Orf (Hawthorne) "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Camouflaged Closomers"
Feng Qiao (Bowie) "Structural and Functional studies on the Regulation of Yan and Pointed-P2 by Mae"
Christopher Rabbat (Merlic) "Synthetic Approaches for the Total Synthesis of Tubelactomicin A, Direct Functionalization of Tetrahydrofuran and Other Ethers with Trimethylsilylketene, and Synthesis and Reactions of (Phenyltricarbonylchromium)diazomethane"
Jefferson Rose (Baugh) "Nanosystems Via Self-Assembly: Size Distribution Control, Spatial Positioning and Wiring of Ge Dots on Si (111)"
Sourav Saha (Stoddart) "A Light-Harvesting Nanoscale Power Supply for Supramolecular and Molecular Machinery"
Jeffrey Selander (Merlic) "Preparation and Cyclization of Dienyl Chromium Carbene Complexes & Selectivity in Palladium Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions"
Christopher Smallwood (Schwartz) "Development and Application of Pseudopotential Theory in Non-Adiabatic Simulations of Charge-Transfer-to-Solvent Reactions"
Se Hui Sohn (Valentine, Garrell) "Biophysical studies of wild type and mutant copper-zinc superoxide dismutase"
Glenna Sowa (Reislker/Liiu) "Phase Behavior of F-actin"
Christopher Suhrada (Houk) "Theoretical Insights on Product Selectivity in Diradical-Mediated Thermal Rearrangements"
Robert Tinder (Jung) "The Design and Synthesis of Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Antagonists"
Scott Vignon (Stoddart) "Exploring Dynamics and Stereochemistry in Mechanically Interlocked Compounds"
Shabnam Virji (Kaner,Garrell) "Polyaniline Nanofiber Sensors"