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SciFinder Scholar News Archive

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May 12, 2000 ChemPort Links to CDL Periodicals Database Provide Access to E-Journals
The California Digital Library (CDL) has completed programming with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to provide links to CDL's Periodicals Titles database from SciFinder Scholar via CAS's ChemPort connection. Clicking on the Your Library icon automatically launches a search in the Periodicals Titles database which then displays online and print holdings information resulting from the search. Instructions for accessing e-journals by using this new feature are detailed below.

From the SciFinder Scholar search results page:
If there is a computer icon to the right of a citation, clicking on this icon will take you to the ChemPort page where you can click on the button for Full Text (to go straight to the article) or on the button for Your Library (to go to CDL's Periodicals Titles database and see UC online and print holdings).
If there is no computer icon to the right of the citation, click on the box in front of the item you want. Then click on the Full Text icon in the menu bar at top of page to open the ChemPort link. In ChemPort click on the Your Library button to go to CDL's Periodicals Titles database and see UC online and print holdings. For example, this is how UC users can get links to full text for Wiley and Elsevier e-journals, since currently CAS does not include these vendors in their list of publishers.
If more than one item is checked before clicking on the Full Text icon, ChemPort lists the article titles. Click on the ChemPort full text icon after the article title of interest. Then click on Your Library button to go to CDL's Periodicals Titles database and see UC online and print holdings.

Feb 14, 2000 Chemical Abstracts & CAS REACT via SciFinder Scholar now available!
UCLA students, faculty, and staff can search Chemical Abstracts (1967- ), Registry (chemical structure searching) and CAS REACT from their personal workstations. SciFinder Scholar requires a downloaded client, for either Apple Macintosh or MS Windows. UCLA's Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is providing a Web site for access to SciFinder Scholar's client software at: http://scifinder.chem.ucla.edu/scifind A client needs to be installed once on a personal workstation for access to SciFinder Scholar.

Access to SciFinder Scholar from valid UC IP addresses is almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week--the system is unavailable from 3pm (PST) Saturday to 5am (PST) Sunday for maintenance activities. Users should logout upon completion of their searching, since UCLA shares a limited number of ports with other UC campuses. SciFinder Scholar's client software provides simple point and click access to the CAS databases including Chemical Abstracts, Registry, and CAS REACT. No special training or knowledge of search command languages are required. Users may search more than 19 million citations to the chemistry literature by topic, author, CAS Registry Number, patent number, and CAS abstract number. More than 22 million chemical substances may be searched by chemical name, chemical structure, CAS Registry Number, and formula. Reaction information for organic and organometallic reactions from the CAS REACT database is included.

Additional details, including hardware and software requirements as well as search examples, are available from SciFinder Scholar at: http://scifinder.chem.ucla.edu/scifind

Questions regarding SciFinder Scholar can be directed to UCLA's Campus Contact: Marion Peters mpeters@library.ucla.edu (310)825-0190

Last Updated: Mar 2000
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