Maddeningly, I can't find any of the colorful reminiscences sent to me by Les Bixby. This is really too bad, because his were really fun and interesting, too. Besides, he sent me all these marvlous pictures. I don't know what happened to emailings. I feel guilty as hell. Did I accidently delete them? I know I wouldn't have deleted them on purpose, because I enjoyed them too much and intended to put them up on the Website along with his pix. All I found was this scrap below. Not nearly enough. Here is Les' Website, at any rate. I'm sure he'd love for you to visit.

 Subject: Re: Churchill

Yes, the train station and the best homemade pie in the country in the
railway cafe right next to the station, I didn't see the whaling factory
last night next to the grain elevator either.

No whaling factory any longer, and alas, no railway cafe. Gypsy's on Kelsey has the best pastries.

Les's Photos (circa 1948-1949)

Click on photo to see larger version



Airport. 1948

(Now the town airport)

Private Plane of Capt. Veeche Stolen by soldier
and crashed trying to leave Ft. Churchill




Fort Churchill, 1948-49


Aerial View facing East, Churchill Canada

#1 Mountie Station, #2 Hotel, #3 Restaurant, #4 Hudson Bay Store


Government Terminal Grain Elevator


Hudson Bay

The train route over the muskeg into Churchill


Igloo Training


Inuit in Kayak with Beluga Whale


Veeches Piper



Les is in there somewhere



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