Quentin's Nasty Surprise


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Quentin, a summertime research assistant from the Netherlands, was the only other person at the CNSC willing to join me in the Great Hudson Bay Dip and Relay Race. We ended up completing our team on the beach just outside Town Center. One of our partners was a nice guy from Winnipeg, a fellow tourist. The other was some really weird local teenage townie, who went into the Bay wearing a knee-length wool overcoat and leather wing-tip shoes. I recall that it was Quentin who had been down by Twin Lakes mid-week, riding along the gravel road on an 4wheel all-terrain vehicle, (see Charles' picture below for an idea of what these things are) and found himself driving past a sow and cub standing there by the roadside. He kept on going, and nothing bad happened, but it gave him quite a turn.


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