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The following airlines service the Winnepeg-Churchill route North.

Calm Air services most points north of the major southern Canadian cities.

In case the website moves or disappears, the airline can be reached at (204)778-6471

A number of small airlines that comprise the group known as Canadian Air Partners also service points north.

Go to Canadian Air Partners to see the basic introductory page. Or to Reservations to make reservations on Canadian Airlines or any of its partners.

Phone numbers:

Two of the airlines servicing Winnipeg include: Air Canada" and Northwest. There are probably others.

I far prefer flying Air Canada than NorthWest. Air Canada uses Calgary as its hub airport on these flights. This is the only really nice, even delightful airport in which I have ever killed a few hours. The last time I flew Air Canada and had a layover in Calgary, the airport was utilizing retiree-volunteers to assist disoriented travelers find their way to their proper gate. It made passengers feel very pampered. I like Air Canada MUCH better than I liked NorthWest. Indeed, by the time I came home last July, I had grown to hate NorthWest. I will spare you the horror stories.

When you arrive in Winnipeg, you will probably need to take a taxi to your or call your hotel and request the free shuttle service, if your hotel offers this amenity. Taxis are always available outside the front entrance. There is a phone outlet right by the front entrance that connects directly to certain hotels. If yours is one of the facilities listed, you can call from there, for free, to request shuttle service.

If by some miracle your plane lands in the early morning, you might be able to travel straight onto Churchill, if you are flying instead of taking the train. The plane out of Winnipeg leaves at approximately 11:00 a.m.

The Winnipeg airport is of a pleasantly managable size.

Either at the airport or at your hotel, try to pick up a copy of the magazine "WHERE Winnipeg." This free magazine will list and describe restaurants, cultural and other special events scheduled for that month, and hotels with relevant information included. The many ads will alert you to shops and malls that interest you. It also publishes town maps. These are especially nice if you plan to hang around town a few days and want to see whatever is interesting.

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