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 The town offers its own activities, including its famous yearly Hudson Bay Dip and Relay Race It also has, for its own citizens, an Elk's club, churches, hockey in the Town Centre rink, and taverns, as well as fine shops for tourists and a few pretty good restaurants.

 Town Centre, with its great beachside location, serves as the embarkation point for the Hudson Bay Dip. It usually occurs July 1, but in 1996 occurred on July 23 as part of the Parks Canada Day celebration. The delay was due to the lingering ice floes in the Bay on July 1. I would recommend participating if you happen to be up there at the time. It's actually a lot of fun, you
can then say you went swimming in Hudson Bay (not a lot of people can say that!) and you don't really notice, during the excitement of the relay race, that the water feels like melted ice cubes. I found it to be very invigorating.

 Sea North Tours 204/675-2195. This family-owned business offers a standard boat tour that takes passengers out for approximately 2 hours. Time is divided up between a Ranger-guided tour of historic Fort Prince of Wales--located on an island in the Hudson bay

Nature Tours (Bonnie) 204/675-2248 In summer, she offers walking tours geared toward interests in birdwatching and botany. -

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