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small picture of Manford in his boatFor doing a polar bear safari, let me recommend the ones being offered this Oct and November at the whale" Northern Studies Centre, a non-profit educational institute located in the middle of the Cape Churchill Wildlife Management Area about 17km south of Churchill. Below is taken from the CNSC Website.



Tuesday October 14 - Tuesday October 21 1997


Tuesday October 27 - Tuesday November 3 1997

Minimum 26 - Maximum 36 participants

Journey to Churchill, the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Stay at an active scientific research facility and learn about the incredible biology and latest scientific findings from your lecturer, a polar bear researcher. Two Tundra Vehicle day-trips to the Hudson Bay coast lets you observe the bears in their natural habitat. A half hour helicopter excursion will let you see it all from the air. Lectures from local artists and photographers, and a dog sled lecture and ride make this an incredible vacation and educational experience.

Price: C$1595.00 per person, plus taxes, from Churchill includes all meals and dormitory accomodation at the CNSC, two (2) day-trip excursions to the Hudson Bay coast aboard a Tundra Vehicle, a one half-hour helicopter excursion, a dog sled lecture and ride, instruction by a polar bear researcher, and all local travel (i.e practically everything except souvenirs).

I would recommend this highly. For what you get, and the number of days you're there, the price is very good. (I've priced these tours)

Nature Tours (Bonnie)

204/675-2248 In summer, they offer walking tours geared toward interests in birdwatching and botany. This might be Bonnie Chartier of Churchill Wilderness Encounter, one of the compilers of Encounters on Hudson Bay.

Adventure Walking Tours

Paul Ratson, PO Box 1136, Churchill, Manitoba Canada, R0B 0E0 204/675-2147; fax 204/675-2884; rates per person, 1/2 day $53.50; full day $107.00 Slight reduction for groups of 5+ people.
Sea North Tours

204/675-2195. This family-owned business offers a standard boat tour that takes passengers out for approximately 2 hours. Time is divided up between a Ranger-guided tour of historic Fort Prince of Wales--located on an island in the Hudson Bay--and on the Churchill River. Some passengers get very lucky indeed because, while out whale watching, they see female polar bears swimming with their young. This last is not a common occurrance, although it happened once while I was up in July 1996. Unfortunately, I was not on that particular boat tour.

Sea North Tours also will charter private zodiacs for skin divers or others who wish to spend more time on the Churchill River closer to the water and its whales. These zodiacs come with an experienced pilot who is familar with currents in the Churchill River. As of July 1996, these cost $130/hour Canadian. Zodiacs can hold up to 8 people, although 4 would be much more comfortable.


Midwest Helicopters, Ltd


Fifteen Minutes: across thousands of beluga whales for a bird's eye view of Prince of Wales Fort, arcxhaeological abnd historic sites, picturesque cabins, Cape Merry and Town of Churchill. $38 (this might be 1994 prices. They may have gone up, so consider all prices for this company, "ballpark figures." Includes photography stops.

Lords of the Arctic 1.25 hours. Offers glimpse of polarbears and sightings are guaranteed. $200/person based on 4 passengers.

Mini Bear Flight-no photography stops. 30 minutes. Must be taken from a tundra vehicle or the Churchill

Northern Studies Centre to see bears. $100/person based on 4 passengers. 204/675-2576

Taiga air services, Ltd., P.O. Box 91, Churchill, MB Canada, R0E 0E0, 204/675-2781


Ten-minute flight -$145

Twenty-five minute flight, Churchill area $280

Thirty-five minute Coastal Run-to view churchill, Fort Prince of Wales, the Western Peninsula Tent Rings, Sloops Cover, Fort Quarry, the Ithica and Miss Piggy wrecks and dflight across the tundra. $440

Sixty-minute Adventure Flight. $729 CAD+applicable taxes.

I think I picked this pamphlet up either at the train station or from Bear Country Inn. I know nothing about these people. I am including them, however, because they sound interesting. Those who wish to partake of anything offered by these people should contact them and ask questions.

Joe Barron, Barronland Outfitting. 204/675-2225. Airboat tours. According to their pamphlet, they offer birdwatching, one-hour excursions, 4-hour fishing trips, Airboat tour up the Churchill River, overnight camping(I am not sure I'd want to do this in polar bear country, but hey! You may feel differently), custom tours.

Boreal Gardens-Greenhouses and gardens growing local produce. Most of the interesting jellies available in tourist shops come from here. Free tours are offered Sunday 2:00-4:00p.m. in July and August. Otherwise by appointment only. Grouips of 1-8 people, $8, $1.00 per extra person

Cape Merry National Historic Site. Another old fort, overlooking a truly great but very inaccessible and somewhat dangerous beach. Guided tours are given by Parks Canada staff from June-to-Mid-September. Contact Parks Canada, Box 127, Churchill, MB R0B0E0 204/675-8863; Fax: 204/675-2026

Sloop's Cove National Historic Site. This was a safe harbor and winter haven for Hudson"s Bayu Co. (HBC) sloops in the 18th century. The rocks bear signatures of H.B.C. men, the most famous being Samuel Hearne, northern explorer and H.B.C. governor. Tour arrangements can also be made with private boat tour operators. Contact: Parks Canada, Box 127, Churchill, MB R0B 0E0 204/675-8863; Fax: 204/675-2026

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