last updated Sunday, December 13, 2015

The draft version is due by Friday, January 22, 2016 at 4:30 pm (Instructor's office). The draft is worth 20 points. The draft should contain the very least the following parts of the research paper:

1. Introduction (completed)

a. Synthesis of the salicylic aldehyde used in the lab

b. Chiral epoxidation (no Salen based catalyst, or Sharpless epoxidation methods accepted here)


Experiment Experimental Results/Discussion Spectra discussion Other
Resolution (step 1)
Infrared spectrum m.p., yield, GC/MS
Ligand (step 2)
NMR spectra are online,
Infrared, UV-Vis spectrum
m.p., yield, optical rotation

3. References

Follow the guidelines provided in the reader (page 15 in Survival Kit Reader, Version Winter 2016) and Lecture 3b. If something is not clear, ask questions before you write the paper.

4. General notes:

a. You will have to submit a copy of your spectra together with the draft so that the person reading it has them in front of her/him.

b. If you have questions in regard of the report, you should consult your TA or instructor asap.

c. The draft version should be as close as possible to the final version of your paper with the information that you have at this point in time. This will give the grader the chance to give you appropriate feedback how to improve your paper.

d. The draft version of the paper is not submitted online.

e. Cheating and plagiarism (intentionally or unintentionally from any source) will not be tolerated. If you get caught, you are guaranteed a trip to the Dean of Students, who can decide the appropriate punishment. You are supposed to present your work in your words, and not the one work from your friend, your roommate, the reader/lecture or somebody else.

f. The draft version will be graded by the teaching assistants. If you have questions about comments or structure of your paper, consult the person that graded the paper or the instructor asap and not one hour prior to the deadline.

g. Let's present the paper that you spent so much time producing in a professional way. The draft has to be placed in a report cover with metal part in the middle. Papers that are not placed in a folder or a clipboard will not be accepted/graded and therefore receive a score of zero!


h. Lastly, if you are repeating the course, you will have a new paper. You cannot just resubmit the paper from your previous attempt to pass the class. This will be considered plariarism as well because you are not submitting an original paper.