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Epoxidation Lidocaine Nitrobiphenyls Ferrocene

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Formal Report Draft Checklist Proposal
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Former Highlights

Meeting Hot topic Technique
1 Glassware ATR protocol (6th floor labs)
2 Resolution of Enantiomers Polarimetry
4 Extraction Part I UV-Vis Spectroscopy
5 Thin Layer Chromatography Flash Chromatography
6 Check List for Formal Report Distillation
7 Drying Solvent Macroscale Reaction (Grignard Setup)
8 Reflux Setup Green Chemistry

Techniques videos

Technique Video
Vacuum Filtration


Separatory funnel/Extraction


Recrystallization Video1 Video2
Thin Layer Chromatography

Video1 Video2

Rotary Evaporator Video

Column Chromatography

Grignard Reaction

Lab Report

Periodic Table


Concentration of Acids, Bases and other compounds

Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Material Safety Data Sheets Resources (MSDS)

N-DEX Gloves


Infrared Spectrophotometer instructions

Refractometer instructions

UV-Vis instrument


Gas Chromatography

Research Grade NMR

Special Topics

Drying of Solvents

Green Chemistry

Spectroscopic data

IR Table

Proton NMR and Carbon NMR Shift Tables

NMR Solvent Table

Printed Resources

Aldrich Library of FT-IR Spectra
Aldrich Library of FT-NMR Spectra
Chemical Abstracts
Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Data for Biochemical Research (Dawson,, Oxford Science)
Dictionary of Organic Compounds
Escherichia coli and Salmonella (Neidhardt et. al., ASM)
Gmelin Handbook
JANAF Thermochemical tables
Landolt-Bornstein tables
Lange's Handbook of Chemistry
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
Merck Index
Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook
Physician's Desk Reference
Physicists Desk Reference, (AIP)
SciFinder Scholar
Smithells Metals reference book
The Metabolic basis of inherited disease (McGraw Hill)
Thermochemical kinetic data

Electronic resources

Need to find chemical physical properties?
go to these sites:
chemfinder or
NIST Chemistry WebBook or
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics or
NIOSH Pocket Guide
WebSpectra Site - for NMR practice problems
Organic Structure Elucidation, A Workbook of Unknowns
- More excellent spectral problems
ACS Publications Search ((requires a BOL account)