I. General Comments:

The type of laboratory format required may differ from TA to TA. You should obtain specifics from your teaching assistant about the laboratory notebook (especially since this plays an important part in the lab evaluation). However, there are certain key components that are common to most laboratory notebooks.

A bound laboratory notebook with consecutively numbered page is mandatory. Black or blue ink must be used (other colors are acceptable if used to clarify).


*WORD PROCESSING IS NOT ALLOWED and will result in a zero for that lab. *


II. Label the front of your lab notebook

On the front of your lab notebook place





Quarter (e.g., Fall 2002)


III. Lab write-up

For each experiment there will be one lab write-up. A lab write-up consist of two parts, a pre-lab write-up and a post-lab write-up. The pre-lab write-up is due at the start of the experiment (you have to turn in the carbob copy to your TA). The post-lab write-up is due the following week in which the experiment is completed. If you are not sure when a lab write-up is due, ask your TA.

A. PRE-LAB: the pre-lab should consist of the following exctions.

Answer to assigned questions

Date of experiment and signature



Reaction Scheme

Physical Properties Table

Safety Considerations

Waste Disposal Considerations

Procedure outline (and revisions)

Procedure detailed (optional)



Observations and variations

Results (include analytical and spectral data)

Concluding Comments



Example Lab write-up