Chemsitry 30AL

Chemistry 30AL is the second laboratory course in the 20/30 series that is designed specifically for the physical science and engineering majors. Students in the chemistry 20/30series sequence are mainly gear toward entering graduate school for further research. In addition to teaching students the proper laboratory techniques, conceptual understandings of the chemistry behind the experiments are evaluated through writen reports, midterm exam or quizzes as well as a final exam. Click here for course syllabus and lab schedule.

Students major in Chemistry and Biochemistry are required to take the following general chemistry and general organic chemistry laboratory courses:

Chemistry 20L, 30AL, 30BL & 30CL.

Chemistry 20L is mainly focused on general chemistry. Chemistry 30AL, 30BL & 30CL are focused on organic chemistry.

The department generally offers Chemistry 30AL three times (Fall & Spring quarter and Summer Session) during the academic year. Note: Tentative course schedules SHOULD NOT be used as a definite guide to plan your future class schedules.

The course teaches students the following laboratory techniques (Technique Videos require ™. Some files may require Adobe Acrobat ):

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Synthesis of transition metal complexes

Molecular formula determination of transition metal complex

Spectroscopic analysis (Infrared, UV-Vis, Mass Spectroscopy)

Chromatography techniques

(Thin-Layer Chromatography & Ion-Exchange Chromatography)


Melting point determinations


Sublimation technique

Simple organic syntheses

REDOX chemistry

Complex Equilibrium Chemistry

Infrared Spectroscopy Simulation

NMR Spectroscopy Simulation

Various Experimental Set Up

Use of EXCEL to analyze scientific data


Students in 30AL are required to complete a final project (includes both oral presentation and written report) at the end of the academic quarter. The project involves the concepts and techniques learn in both chemistry 20L & 30AL.


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