Satellite Internet Venture

Since Graduate School at MIT, I've applied the principles and practices of scientific research to business models. One of these real world experiments has been the online marketing of Satellite Internet in partnership with Hughes Corporation. What has interested me about Satellite Internet is that the demographic is highly nonlinear. Potential clients are in Beverly Hills where the estates are so large, the cable and DSL companies didn't want to invest in the High Speed Internet build out for a handful of customers per square mile. The major access to High Speed Internet in some areas of Beverly Hills is Satellite Internet. At the same time, rural Middle America has faced the same issues of limited Cable or DSL providers based on similar economics. So how do you speak in terms of advertising so the message is heard by both Marlon Brando and Farmer John? Brando isn't reading the Farmers Almanac and John isn't reading the Robb report. These are only two extreme examples of the fragmented universe of Satellite Internet customers.

One solution is to put up targeted virtual billboards along the highway where farmers and actors may both be driving, the information highway. This brings me to the subject of search marketing that is simple at its surface, but very complex with many variables, degrees of freedom, moving parts or whatever expression suits the reader. I will further describe search marketing and the reciprocal transformation of the Google search algorithms with satellite internet as a case study in subsequent documents.

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Satellite Internet Venture

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