Academic Misconduct Policy

Just don't do it.

Don't even give the instructor a chance to think that you are doing it. Use common sense. Things to avoid include:

If caught in an act of academic misconduct relating to homework, a quiz, or an exam, you will be awarded a zero, fail the course, or worse. The exact penalties will be determined by the instructor, the nature of the infraction, and the Dean of Students. Medical, professional, graduate, and other post-baccalaureate schools do not look highly upon students who have been denied registration privileges at UCLA due to academic dishonesty. Review the official UCLA policies on Academic Misconduct.

In order to deter misconduct during exams, you may be subject to recording during exams.

Please note that various and significant precautions are taken to discourage cheating on exam regrades. For example, a certain percentage of exams may be photocopied before being returned. If it is discovered that you make a change on your answer before submitting for a regrade the case will be reported to the Dean of Students, without warning and without possibility of appeal, and the maximum penalty requested. This maximum penalty is permanent expulsion from UCLA. So please don't even attempt to cheat. The penalties are much too severe.