The Organic Chemistry Haiku Project

Fuse your study or organic chemistry with your inner poet.

Project launched 11/19/02

Steven A. Hardinger, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA

Contributors: Chem 14C (fall 2002), Chem 30A (fall 2002)

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We are no longer accepting organic chemistry haiku for extra credit, but feel free to submit your entry for inclusion here.


Haiku is an ancient form of Japanese poetry, best know to most Westerners as three-line poems with a 5-7-5 syllable count.  Here is your chance to combine your poetic and organic chemistry skills by writing your very own organic chemistry haiku for extra credit!

Rules  Haiku are currently not being accepted for extra credit.
  • Weekly deadlines are 5 PM on each Friday.  Submissions after the final exam is over cannot be accepted.
  • Effective Monday November 25: Due to an overwhelming response, you may submit at most four haiku per week.  Submit only your very best work for the greatest chance to win one of the two Weekly Best extra credit awards.
  • Submit to Dr H by e-mail ( only.  Include your name, SID and course number with each submission.
  • Two weekly winners will be determined by Dr H and the TAs, and posted here and at the corresponding course web sites.  Judging is subjective (that is, whatever we like best) but haiku that are clearly about course topics will receive stronger consideration than drivel about having to study hard.
  • The best haiku of the week earns two extra credit points.  Second place earns one extra credit point.  It is possible that the same student may earn both prizes in any given week.
  • You may earn at most six haiku extra credit points per quarter.
  • Submissions must be your own work.  Haiku that are similar to those already posted (as determined by the judges) will be disqualified.  We will assume that identical haiku have been plagiarized.  A plagiarist is disqualified from earning any haiku extra credit points.  (To avoid disqualification, write haiku about a topic that other students have not yet tackled.)
  • Your haiku must have exactly three lines.  The first and last lines must be exactly five syllables.  The middle line must be exactly seven syllables.
  • Whenever possible, each line should be a complete thought, and not just a sentence that has been cut at the five or seven syllable count.  Example of what is not acceptable: "This here haiku is not a good example of what you might e-mail in" becomes:
  • This chopped-sentence style is acceptable in certain cases, depending upon how the haiku flows and feels.  (Dr H makes the decision, based upon his own concepts of artistic merit.  Decisions are final and not negotiable.) (This example also not acceptable because the second line has eight syllables.)
  • Unlike some other forms of poetry, haiku lines do not have to rhyme.
  • Haiku with abbreviations other than standard chemical terms will be rejected.  Examples: "abbrv." is not allowed but "E2" and "DG" are acceptable.  As a guideline, if the abbreviation is used in the textbook, then it is allowed.
  • We reserve the right to post your haiku here, and to your haiku in future publications.  Appropriate credit will be given.

  • Writing Tips
    Sample Organic Chemistry Haiku (or what PhD organic chemists dream up at lunch)
    one femtosecond
    nucleophile is poised
    leaving group going
    70 eV
    ionization achieved
    fragmentation next
    molecular angst
    is caused by torsional strain
    rotate sigma bond
    C-Br pi star
    Achtung! an incoming nuc
    Walden inversion!
    Proton NMR
    Excitation pulse begins
    Can I relax now?
    My friends get to jump
    But I am not permitted
    Carbon twelve am I
    Both reach for the sky
    Primary, anomeric
    Beta, poor for food

    TA Haiku (Or what teaching assistants do when they are avoiding their own studying or lab work)
    Ode to my p bond
    I am the electrophile
    Donate into me.
    Oh lovely p bond!
    I am the electrophile
    Come and capture me.
    Reactions take time
    Seconds dance around the clock
    Enjoy the moment

    Student Work

    Addition to C-C p Bonds
    an addition reaction
    result in new ring
    Alkenes one pi bond
    alkynes two C-C pi bonds
    Markovnikov Rule
    New H bonds to H rich bond
    So them that has, gets!
    Late night chem problems
    the munchies overtake me
    alkyne burritos
    Dull swimming lessons,
    like pi-bonds and boron, cause
    EN from the alkENe
    The OL from the alcohOL
    Gives you the ENOL
    Markovnikov Rule
    Where does positive charge go?
    Most substituents.
    Markovnikov's Rule
    H at least substituted
    Other goes to most
    Like Angels in rain 
    Wet Halogens add to make
    Additions don't scar
    Unlike poor Humpty Dumpty
    These broken bonds heal
    Keto and Enol
    Mixtures switch between the two
    It isn't boring
    To make trialkylborane.
    Halides wish each night
    For an alkene of their dreams.
    Oh, Haloalkane
    It's Anti-Markovnikov
    No rearranging
    Adding to pi bond
    First step, we break the pi bond
    Then, make sigma bond
    Inducing dipole
    What pi wants, pi gets
    Alkene and ozone,
    Have you lovebirds set a date?
    That's a lovely ring
    Alkene pi bonded
    loses its pi electrons
    Markovnikov, help!
    Ah, Markovnikov
    Only studied HBr
    rule so pertinent.
    syn-ful and so selective
    B with lonely C.
    It involves oxidation
    Provides alcohol
    Bromine addition
    Needs an intermediate
    A three-membered ring
    Ozone for cleavage
    Carbon-Carbon Double Bond
    You get ozonide
    Zaitsev would like to
    eat Markovnikov like a
    hare would eat carrots.*

    *In Russian 'zaitsev' means 'hare' and 'markovnikov' means carrot.

    Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
    Amino acid:
    Tryptophan is in turkey
    That's why we're drowsy!
    All the same, yet not.
    unlimited...with twenty.
    Amino acids.
    It's a funny joke!
    shake a protein, "protein shake".
    well...I was tired.
    Amino acid
    R group out, hydrogen in
    twenty in nature
    amino acid, protein
    four layerered structure
    N, C terminus
    antiparallel pleated
    beta sheet protein
    Oh, the cytosine!
    How my hydrogens love thee
    I am the guanine.
    Week 10 Runner-up
    Four categories
    hydrophobic and philic
    acidic, basic
    the lovely protein
    Beta sheet, alpha helix
    make second structure
    Structure in proteins
    Primary is the sequence
    Secondary, form
    Hydrogen bonding
    Adenine and thymine
    Til death do they part
    Week 10 Runner-up

    Benzene, I hate you
    You possess all I long for
    So aromatic
    Feeling unstable?
    Aromaticity is
    The answer for you
    With pi, sigma, pi
    one can be aromatic
    and always stable

    Need a negative
    bond with anything I find
    Aha! I'll take that!
    not satisfied unstable
    incomplete octet
    grab a nuc, form a pi bond
    or rearrangement
    Week 8 Runner-up
    Promiscuous thing!
    Carbocation alone
    craving electrons
    Always positive
    Carbocations teach me
    Lucky - wish they can teach how
    to bond so quickly
    Can't trust: one bond breaks, they make
    Another quickly
    Let' s consider this
    Substitution is a key
    to stability
    First consider resonance
    Then think of 3 fates
    How are all of these things formed?
    damn good leaving groups!
    Why bond with just anyone?
    You're promiscuous!
    Fleeting existence
    fragile carbocation,
    destined for three fates.
    What we always look at first
    Resonance of course!
    Looking to share e-s?
    CC seeking NUC partner
    Form covalent bond
    Carbocations play with
    Sigma electrons
    Share charge to be more stable
    More groups, more stable
    The epiphany,
    Forming carbocation!
    The rest is down hill.
    Beta hydrogen
    Bam! Grabbed you, making pi bond
    protonation, dear

    Glucose likes chairs with
    OH equatorial
    Lower ΔG
    Digesting Beta
    So very hard for humans
    Stick to eating rice
    Glucose, my honey,
    Mind if I call you Dextrose?
    Wanna have linkage?
    "Hey, fellow glucose,
    My C-1 likes your C-4"
    ...Disaccharide born
    Lactose avoiders
    Drink alpha hydrolized milks
    They go down just fine!
    Demands all substituents
    Point of attachment
    anomeric carbons join
    Anomeric C:
    start at primary OH
    pass ring oxygen
    Alpha and Beta
    Two sugar conformations
    Beta, more stable

    Conjugated bond
    sigma bond between two p's
    makes it more stable
    "Pi bonds don't rotate!"
    Sigma bonds, "You're so planar!" 
    Orbitals at home

    Fundamentals of Organic Structure and Reactivity
    Looking attractive 
    it's electronegative
    electrons stay close
    Functional group wow!
    learn about carbon compounds!
    well o-chem is how
    Will you marry me?
    O-chem, the love of my life
    Let us double bond
    Most vital factor
    molecule geometry
    electrons repel
    In building structures,
    Avoid grandest folly of
    Pentavalent C's
    Week 8 Winner
    The atoms are more
    electronegative in
    top right of table
    means balance for reactions
    and structure for life.
    A p bond is strong
    A s bond is stronger
    Test and you shall see
    I'm very stingy
    I hate to share electrons
    My name is fluorine
    So rare, unstable,
    My chateau, far from Fluorine,
    Oui, I'm Francium!
    Dominant lone pair
    Happily I do three bonds
    Nitrogen I am
    C double bond O
    Smell the carboxylic acid
    Add the alcohol
    If knowledge is sought
    For reasons behind O-chem
    The cause is structure
    Week 10 Runner-up
    Pi bond, oh pi bond
    much stronger than a sigma
    overlapping's fun!
    The Cardinal Sin
    The pentavalent Carbon
    Doom to fail O-chem
    Finals Week Winner
    Want to make a pi?
    Start with some electron clouds.
    Then add overlap.

    Ionic Substitution (SN2, SN1) and Elimination (E2, E1)
    E1 or E2?
    Mother nature quite lazy
    Tends to choose E2
    SN2, E2
    no carbocation here
    add one and lose one
    SN1 is hard
    Carbocation forming
    costs much energy
    I yearn for breakfast
    No ΔG will stop me
    Bad leaving group will
    Sigma Star so bright
    attract nucleophile,
    bond with all your might.
    Week 8 Winner
    High energy hill
    Enough endurance to climb
    On top of the world
    "Polar" bears, Explain
    Assist with leaving group, how?
    Ionizing it
    E2 or E1?
    Look at least expensive step
    So that's E2
    Carbocation formed?
    Must be E1 and SN1
    So pick both of them
    Mother always says
    SN2’s beat SN1’s 
    But view E2 first
    Mother Nature is lazy 
    But don't tell Katie
    So pick SN2
    Dash of good leaving group
    Mix 3o C and polar solvent
    Now bake SN1
    Which way to pizza?
    Over high hill or short hill?
    Must be like SN2 path
    Alpha Leaving Group
    Beta Hydrogen Depart
    Nu double bond formed
    Gibbs free energy
    SN2, enthalpy big!
    rate in terms of bonds
    Cut loose make me free
    no time, carbocation
    E2 reaction
    Fluoride, hydroxide
    Too bad, not like iodide
    Two bad leaving groups
    Make SN2 fast?
    Better nucleophile
    Faster reaction
    A hardcore attack
    The carbon feels on its back
    Now substitution!
    During SN1
    Front attack and back attack
    Racemic mix made
    E1 or E2?
    What uses less energy?
    well, E2 of course
    Fluoride or bromide?
    just put them both to the test
    and bromide leaves best
    Week 9 Runner-up
    SN1, E1
    Forming carbocation
    Is the slowest step
    Better watch your back!
    nucleophile is here.
    so run carbon, run!
    Who hates steric crowds?
    You hate steric crowds! Ya you!
    Mister SN2!
    A magic methyl
    methylates almost all things
    Call it all methyl!
    Nuc attacks Elec
    with electron densities.
    LG packs to leave.
    E2 or E1?
    Both eliminate something
    Hydrogen Attack
    Polar bear, in snow
    Insulates charge, the bond breaks
    No one laugh, bad joke
    E then SN2
    Primary alkyl halides
    are the exception
    E1 or E2
    Consider this reaction
    E2 is favored
    When large base is here
    We invite Hoffman to stay
    He's the favored one
    Are you SN2?
    good leaver, love nuclei,
    not tertiary?
    Triflate good LG 
    0-3 structures in
    a femtosecond
    Zaitsev would like to
    eat Markovnikov like a
    hare would eat carrots*
    Finals Week Runner-up

    *In Russian, 'zaitsev' means 'hare' and 'markovnikov' means 'carrot'.

    Insightful lectures
    Plus many desparate jokes
    Is good for pupil
    He jokes, jests, and kids
    yet still the class remains cold
    we need more coffee
    Dr. Hardinger
    Keeps us in suspense 
    With polar bear joke
    Doctor Hardinger,
    The almighty professor
    Give us thy knowledge.
    Room CS50,
    eleven to twelve o'clock,
    where magic happens...
    Yay! Chem 30A!
    Oh wait, studied hard, slept late
    Professor please wait!
    Wake up, hair static
    Panic, in stage of manic,
    Our for organic
    A bright APPLAUD sign
    What Dr. Hardingr needs
    For his O-Chem jokes
    The projector screen
    Dr. H jabs, ducks, and sighs,
    "Worthy opponent"
    8 o'clock o-chem
    Need sleep, clinically brain dead
    Excessive voting
    Quiet, drum roll please
    The show starts at 8 AM
    Don't quit your day job
    I laughed at the jokes,
    On the midterm I did great,
    Any relevance? 
    Through Organic Chem
    Somewhat enlightened I feel
    On the world at large
    He teaches like a...
    --shut yo' mouth-- just talkin' 'bout,
    steve. we can dig it
    (sung to the tune of Theme from Shaft)
    Complicated thang
    but no one understands it
    but, steve -- hardinger*

    *Sung to the tune of Theme from Shaft.

    Lipids nonpolar
    Water and oil don't mix
    When like dissolves like
    Prostaglandin cries
    "opposite face, beta lies"
    Sugar says, "Not I"
    Micelle is selfish
    all surround her on all sides
    happily she stays
    Lipid in my ear
    Protein in every gene
    No more to ask for
    Finals Week Runner-up
    Carbon Skeleton
    One Carboxylic Acid
    My fatty acid
    Alcoholic man
    One fat woman on acid
    Together, a wax.

    Arrows on paper
    denote flying electrons
    head hurts following

    Miscellaneous Topics
    Organic compounds:
    change at high temps & pressures
    new phenomena!
    Chem, physics, bio
    Which truly explains the world
    (E) All the above
    Thinking of haiku
    30 minutes before due
    Cannot make one up!
    Doctor Hardinger,
    new-found addiction; haiku.
    Say no to emails!
    I answered one Q,
    Mother nature is lazy
    Katie graded it.
    Model building kit:
    do not pull apart with mouth
    almost swallowed one

    Molecular Dynamics
    Torsional strain, huh?
    I thought this was poli sci
    should have gone to class...
    The reason for all
    big electron repulsion
    controls reactions
    Lies between axial and
    Week 8 Runner-up
    Benzene holds quite still
    C6H12; Chair-boat-chair
    Pi clouds tie it down
    So comfortable
    be patient, draw carefully
    chair conformation
    My girlfriend left me
    from strain, not due to ring strain
    I drove her insane
    Ahh, steric effect!
    uhh,  van der Waals repulsion
    umm, atoms too close!
    It sits in a chair.
    "This is more comfortable!"
    Says cyclohexane
    Week 9 Winner
    Oh gauche! Heavens sake
    Just give me the staggered form
    Quick, low energy!
    Two atoms too close
    Electrons repulse others
    Watch steric effect
    O Three-Membered Ring!
    Blissfully Stabilizes
    It endures much strain.
    Staggered, most stable
    Shows least repulsion between 
    Various atoms
    pi bond rotations
    Breaks orbital overlap
    Thus, does not occur
    Sigma bond is free
    Rotate it can easily
    Not rigid pi bond
    Rotations are viewed
    Frequently in sigma bonds
    So come take a look
    Newman projections
    Torsional strain is no more
    Rotation took place
    Oh, cyclohexane
    Why dost thou sit in a chair?
    'I shant "strain" myself.'
    Finals Week Runner-up

    Noncovalent Molecular Forces
    2 O's, 1 C, H.
    Add a methyl, and, voila!
    A salad dressing
    You like me its clear
    Bond dipoles don't lie you hear
    Let's H-bond all night
    Hydrogen bonding
    Promiscuous as can be
    Chem is so racy!
    Hydrogen bonding.
    Electrostatic partners
    "O!", "H!", stop flirting. 
    Van der waals forces
    Fleeting, weak partial charges
    Creating havoc
    Fine wine, a white blouse
    Pass the chlorofluoroform
    Wow, my clothes are clean
    Trillion molecules
    Why don't I disintegrate
    Shrug...Van der Waals knows
    Van der Waals forces
    Hold everything together
    Even O-chem tests!
    e¯ cloud distortion
    Controls boiling point
    Van der Waals forces
    Electron clouds distorted
    Opposites attract
    Van der Waal Forces
    Depend on atom sizes
    Weak but everywhere
    hydrogen bonds
    unlike the dipole dipole
    as weak as can be
    Everyone has me
    I combine every atom
    Van der Waal I am

    Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
    What holds DNA
    In its double-helix form?
    H-bonds, Pi-stacking
    Watson and Crick
    Double Helix DNA
    Where is Rosalyn?
    Finals Week Winner
    Pyrimidine top
    only one cat I did see
    not two cats purrine
    DNA has us
    We contain all genetics
    We are the bases

    Organic Acids and Bases
    Acids and bases
    donate and accept protons?
    Yes! respectively.
    Moving electrons
    easy distortion
    A stronger acid
    has a weak conjugate base
    also vice versa
    He says, let's compare
    Aaaacids, but take off the -cids,
    and you're left with aaaa!
    Are you acid? Base?
    Would you share electron pairs?
    Base shares. Acids don't.
    Is it rock hard or fluff soft?
    If it's small, it's hard.
    Week 8 Winner
    Increase when go down
    down column, more soft
    Fluorine, no respect
    electron denisty less
    inductive effect!
    I crave electrons
    I'm an electrophile
    I'll get what I need!
    Electrons seduce
    Electrophile falls fast
    A new bond is born
    Base asks the Acid,
    "Aren't you related to me?
    I'm your conjugate!"
    Week 9 Runner-up
    Bronsted says: "Give H!"
    Lewis says: "Take electrons!"
    Acids will do both!
    Remote atom pulls
    Electron cloud lunges close
    Inductive effect
    Week 8 Runner-up
    Sharing electrons
    Neutralizes formal charge
    Maximizes bonds
    High E-N value
    Element is a poor base
    Won't share electrons
    Clouds that can change shape
    Soft will prefer soft
    Inductive effect
    Occurs when my parents call
    Long distance brings ease
    A proton is hard
    who will it bond strongly with?
    other hard atoms
    To compare acids
    First compare bases, know that
    Resonance comes first
    Proton approaches
    nucleophile attacks!
    electrons now shared
    Attraction of e-
    Two lovers, one rich, one poor.
    The strength of acids
    Have but many factors, but
    Resonance is key
    Halogens beware!
    Electronegative strength
    Fluorine is the king!
    Second influence
    How basic am I?
    Super negative?
    "Misery loves company,"
    Hard atoms agree.
    Electrons running
    Towards nucleus center
    Let us create bond!
    Strong base is a must
    Hydrogen always exclaims
    strong friendship product
    We can learn from chemistry:
    Bases donate e-
    Working from afar,
    Induction influences
    Basicity strength
    Sha(rpei), like doggies
    res, pol, EN, inductive
    way to remember
    Third Street Promenade
    Acid gives the base player
    Proton donation.

    An unpaired being -
    free liberal radical,
    it does good and bad
    O-chem and cleavage
    homo is split evenly
    hetero is not
    Free radicals are
    species which have one or more
    unpaired electrons
    A photolysis
    needs interaction with light
    bring on the photons!
    Free radicals are
    very electrophilic
    have open octets
    Free radicals have
    three mechanistic fates like
    Radicals be free!
    Don't be controlled by three fates,
    love the e- you have.
    Odd number of electrons?
    No need to cry about it
    Just make a bond
    What is a freon?
    Dont' confuse it with neon
    They are CFC's.
    CFC chill car
    Destroy millions of ozone
    Blemishes on skin
    Radical union
    In humans and molecules
    Terminates the chain
    Week 8 Runner-up
    Benzene so stable
    With pi-bonds unbreakable
    Shuns free radicals
    Three radical fates
    aid predictions for students
    choosing a product
    DNA watch out
    radicals can cause damage
    save your hydrogen!
    Radicals floating
    endless lonely electrons
    eager to join pi
    Free radicals now
    reactive due to strong force
    fill open octets
    Unpaired Electrons
    Radicals are so lonely
    They love to react!
    Block unwanted processes
    By losing an H
    'You believe in fate?'
    cooed pi-bond to radical.
    'Babe, let's propagate.'
    Week 10 Winner
    Oh chain reaction
    Initiate, Propagate
    Then termination
    Week 10 Runner-up
    Stable radical?
    First we look at resonance,
    Then substituents.
    Radical bromine
    Lonely electron wants friend
    Three ways to find one
    It's a bird, a plane...
    No - run and hide DNA!
    It's Superoxide
    A free radical:
    open as most boys can be
    e- comes, they follow.
    Stable in radical form
    Halts radical chain
    Where are radicals?
    First we must have light or heat
    Then initiate
    Radical arrived
    to orchestrate the carbons
    in radical ways
    Wild radicals 
    Like rabbits they replicate
    like bears they attack!
    Finals Week Runner-up

    8 o'clock o-chem
    Why is lecture so early?
    Answer: Resonance
    Dots jumping around
    Resonance on paper now
    Bonds break, bonds form fast!
    Know your resonance
    It is the answer to life
    Nothing can compare
    What is the answer
    to everything on earth
    well, resonance, duh
    My TA told me
    practice resonance structures
    pushing electrons!
    Lone pairs and pi bonds
    Is there any resonance?
    Almost certainly!
    Resonance, pi bonds
    Stability in structure
    More so than my grade
    Ion resonance
    delocalizes ion's
    negative charges
    Where are electrons?
    Are they here or are they there?
    Both, 'cause resonance.
    Resonance hybrid
    Represents finest structure
    Of any ion
    It's 3 in the morn
    Finally drift into dream
    Resonance, reson....
    This quarter I learned
    The answer to life's questions
    Resonance, that's it
    Yes it's resonance
    all over the universe
    it makes the best guess

    The Sopranos and Organic Chemistry
    Studyin’ O-Chem
    No time for Tony and gang
    Sopranos can wait
    Made men, like benzene
    Don’t touch or you will be whacked
    Chem crew will get you
    Carmel left Tony
    Bond broke, leaving group departs
    T wants to grab nuc
    Ralph in polar juice
    Like E1 in polar juice
    Bond breaks, head is cleaved

    Mass Spectrometry--
    I can't even pronounce it
    But I can do it!!!
    Jagged carbonyl
    look for my peak to see me
    seventeen hundred
    One DBE - ring
    four - a possible benzene
    one per double bond
    Dreaming of pi bonds
    hallucinating mass spec
    ochem rules my thoughts
    NMR, IR
    mass spectroscopy helps to
    determine: structure
    Two bands for benzene
    Look for zone four overtones
    ...aromatic ones.
    Alcohol zone 1
    broad due to hydrogen bond
    not from working out
    Alcohol a must
    a must to look for: zone 1
    a must after test
    Week 8 Runner-up
    Proton NMR
    neighbors coupling together
    then splitting apart
    IR, NMR
    OH and NH broad bands
    Why? There's H-bonding
    Chemical shift is
    methyl, methylene, methine
    cavorting downfield
    Week 8 Winner
    Give me a structure.
    What's the first thing I will do?
    Count up DBEs.
    Significant peaks
    Means alcohol and amine
    In Zone number one
    Look at mass spectrum
    Find mass to charge ratio
    And number of C
    bond stretch is useful
    bend gives only fingerprints
    clues for student sleuths
    Analyze five zones
    In an infrared spectrum
    For keys to structure
    To deduce structure
    Use Mass Spectrum and IR
    And H-NMR
    My neighbors' mean cats,
    like H-NMR protons
    cause splitting headaches.
    Fingerprint region
    Difficult for assignments
    Usually ignored
    Friendly H neighbors
    Indentical? Will not split!
    Plug in n+1
    Weakened molecule
    Energy from electrons
    Ion falls apart
    Infrared Photon
    Take me to a higher state
    Oh! The excitement!
    Got 4 DBE?
    Then 3 p bond and a ring,
    You have benzene ring.
    Fingerprint region
    Problematic to discern
    Complex absorptions
    Benzene, are you there?
    The DBE count is four
    It's likely, my love!
    Change the bond dipole
    Infrared Spectroscopy
    How fascinating!
    Brain hurts a lot from
    studying a lot of chem
    no more NMR!
    Spin! Proton, Spin! Spin!
    Now flip to your heart's content.
    Ah! Sweet resonance.
    Why carbon-13?
    NMR spectroscopy.
    O-Chem based on C.
    Back flips across the
    floor - one, two, three or four more
    Might create signals
    Word to the wise, F
    Leave the hydrogens alone
    or they run downfield
    Wanted: carbonyl
    Was last seen around zone four
    Causing intense peak.
    Week 9 Winner
    For H-NMR
    Singlets, doublets, and triplets
    Are splitting patterns
    Spectroscopic graph
    IR or mass peaks?- no clue
    I got a 50
    Finger print region
    Infrared spectroscopy
    That part baffles me
    IR For benzene
    Aromatic overtones
    Two Zone 5 signals
    Upfield and downfield
    The chemical shift shielded
    Versus deshielded
    Hydrogen bonding
    Different chemical shifts
    Make a broadened peak
    Splitting, integrals,
    the number of hydrogens
    determines structure
    Change in bond dipole?
    Check length and charge difference.
    No other loophole. 
    Spin nucleus spin
    My energy will flip you
    Then I can see you
    IR, NMR
    oh in mass spectroscopy 
    it fits together
    Spectroscopy sets
    Are time consuming and tough
    But well worth the wait.
    Benzene is present
    If there are four dbe's
    and some overtones.

    R or S as center?
    Count 1 2 3 4; however,
    Watch out for the H
    Chiral, achiral
    O, Stereochemistry
    Racemic mixture?
    Identical twins with rings
    One on left, one right.
    Racemic mixture
    made up of mirror image
    My essence is lost
    I am here, but can't be seen
    Life in symmetry.
    3-D trans or cis?
    Use figure sticks, model kits,
    To visualize quick.
    Alright! Racemic
    They're equally important
    I don't have to choose
    Don't be so lonely, just look!
    You have your mirror.

    Studying Organic Chemistry
    Not understanding
    This Organic Chemistry
    Causes lack of sleep
    All of the Pre-meds
    Who only study O-chem
    Are lonely singlets
    Chemistry all day
    Never seeing the sunlight
    I'll soon have rickets.
    Stressed, hungry, dirty
    need more caffeine in my drink
    night before midterm
    Pulling all-nighter
    Hardinger's workbook too long
    completely stressed out
    To my dear boyfriend,
    no time for you this weekend,
    practicing ochem...
    Sorry, Doctor H
    I memorized the table
    Guess I have no life
    Midterm 2 is done
    No O-chem for Thanksgiving
    Wait! Finals are here!
    Midterm is quite soon.
    Textbook lies on my bookshelf.
    I'll write a haiku.
    Midterm tomorrow
    Textbook is open on desk
    I'll read the haikus
    Need break from O-chem
    The Bachelor is tempting
    Yippie! He proposed.
    Be quick like rabbits-
    organic chemistry tests,
    and wise like turtle.
    I eat chemistry!
    know radicals, next topic??
    I dream chemistry!
    Need extra credit
    Not scoring well on exams
    My haiku can win!
    No sleep for o-chem
    no shower, no brushing teeth...
    don't sit next to me!!!
    I am so tired!
    I haven't slept in a week.
    Please, no more O-chem!
    It makes me cry out
    it makes me shout.. I got chem
    and I'm super sad
    Yay, finally done!
    On now to 14D class
    Then it starts over

    Transition Metal Complexes
    Such weak field ligands
    Will only show you red light.
    Switch to strong for blue.
    Absorb color red,
    Don't worry about others,
    Only green for eyes.
    Tranistion metals
    Use one s, five d, three p
    To fill their eighteen
    Week Ten Winner
    The third row begins
    Transition metal ligands
    used for complexes.
    Nickel, copper, zinc
    they all want to be 18...
    electrons that is.

    Transition State Theory
    Catalyst comes quick
    decreases my ΔG
    expect sparks to fly
    Highest energy 
    between more stable places
    the transition state
    Oh Transition State,
    Why so high in energy?
    Must be partial bonds.
    Mechanism step
    activation energy
    need in RDS
    Nature wants lower
    Activation energies.
    Resonance is key.
    I'm Mother Nature
    I'm Lazy and like Nelson
    Hate energy hills
    Thou Shall never pass!
    Reactants heard in despair
    DeltaG's too large!

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