Help! I'm Having Trouble with pdf Files!

"pdf" is not an abbreviation for "problematic darn file," but sometimes it seems that way. The pdf file format is very common, so you should make sure your computer can read (and maybe even write) pdf files. Below are some common pdf file troubles, and their solutions.

Problem: Your pdf reader might be outdated.

Solution: Update your pdf reader by visiting the Adobe web site. Download and install the most recent reader for your particular computer's needs. The software is free!

Problem: Your web browser may not be configured to read the pdf file by itself (perhaps the pdf reader plug-in is absent or not properly designated).

Solution: Assuming you have a pdf reader on your computer, download the pdf file to your desktop then open it from the pdf reader. If you are unsure that your computer has a pdf reader, get one from the Adobe web site.

Problem: Some students have reported trouble opening pdf files using Firefox or Google Chrome.

Solution: Try a different browser.