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For definitions and examples visit the Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry.

Acids and Bases
Conjugate Acids and Bases
Use of the pKa Table
Molecular Structure and Acidity

Assigning Hybridization
Where Is My Lone Pair?
Aromaticity in Molecules With More Than One Ring


Carbonyl Chemistry
         Carbonyl Mechanisms Worksheet  by Chem 14D TA Jessie Grandner

Chem 14D Exam 1
Summary sheet   by Chem 14D TA Xiaofei Dong

Conformations of Acyclic Molecules   by Chem 14C TA Graciela Negri 

Curved Arrows

Curved Arrows

Electrophiles and Nucleophiles

Electrophiles and Nucleophiles

Formal Charge

Formal Charge


        Assigning Hybridization
        Where Is My Lone Pair?

Lewis Dot Structures

Drawing Lewis Dot Structures

Molecular Model Kit

Version 1
Version 2
HGS Molecular Model Kit Instructions (Go to this web site, then click the 'Instruction Manual' button. It's a 4.1 MB document called PolyhedronModel.pdf. Better by far than the instruction manual that comes with the kit!)


Drawing Resonance Contributors

N2 Reaction
Visualizing SN2 Transition State via Molecular Models
Solvent Effects - Version 1
Solvent Effects - Version 2   by Chem 14D TA Jessie Grandner


Nitrogen Inversion
Identifying Stereocenters
Determining Molecular Chirality
Classification of Isomers
Assigning R/S and E/Z
Drawing Enantiomers and Diastereomers
Specific Rotation and Related Calculations


Strain    by Chem 14C TA Graciela Negri