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Myths are real. They form the Neighborhood, whose members, Neighbors, consist of fallen gods, elves, witches, and the like. They, however, hide from those stuck in the mundane world, Norman. Norman sees what he wants to sees and will come up with whatever rational explanation he can when he comes across things that he can’t normally explain. However, if Norman were to find out about the Neighborhood they would destroy it, as Norman always hates what Norman doesn’t fully understand; and Norman destroys what Norman doesn’t understand.

The players will take the role of the police of the Neighborhood, the ‘Order’.

I would describe this as Fables meets Top 10 if you are familiar with modern comic books. If not, then something like: a mix of Hercules and Law and Order. If the TV references fail, then possibly a movie reference, Lord of the Rings mixed with any given detective movie.

There is alot of stuff in these pages, this is mostly done for flavor. If you want to join please go to the Out of Character section and find the Character Creation guidelines. That is all you really need to read, but if you don't have any idea of what to play I suggest going to the World section and looking through the Races and maybe look through the Tour Guide.

WARNING: If your religious sensibilities can be hurt then this is not your game. The game will examine Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Wiccan faiths as myths, in the same light that Greek, Native American, and Norse mythologies are. So be forewarned.