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Ever since its inception there has been difficulty in obtaining good type for the Deseret Alphabet. Even in modern times, with computer generated fonts, there has been a rather small selection of Deseret fonts to choose from. All that is about to change. I have found a new hobby in typography, and have spent many a pleasant hour creating these fonts (as well as gathering into one place the few already existing fonts) for your use and enjoyment. If you know of any other Deseret Alphabet fonts that I have missed, or if you have made your own font that you would like to add to the list, please let me know.

One problem with the existing fonts was the lack of conformity when it came to the key board layouts. All of the Bee Fonts, as I call them, have compatible formats (so you can change the font style without having to do any retyping). The Other Fonts have various layouts and are not interchangeable with each other. I have taken most of the Other Fonts and created a Bee layout versions of them.

The Letter Dee

The Deseret Alphabet is encoded in Unicode. For the uninitiated (myself included), there is a bewildering collection of interesting technical details, and technical vocabulary, involved in this encoding. All of which tends to mystify the subject. What it all boils down to is this: You can type Deseret Alphabet characters the same way you insert any other special character (like Greek letters for instance) - i.e. you can insert them using the Symbol Pallate. You just have to use a font that has the special characters you want. All of the Bee Fonts have included Deseret letters in their Unicode positions, and also have the letters mapped to the standard keyboard. So you can simply type in Deseret after installing a Bee Font, or you can insert them as special Unicode characters. A third alternative is to use a special keyboard. No, you don't have to buy a new peice of computer equipment that has deseret alphabet letters on the buttons for you to type. The kind of keyboard I am talking about is a peice of software that allows you to go back and forth between typing in different languages (or alphabets in this case). You can download a Deseret Alphabet keyboard HERE or HERE. Either way, you will not be able to share an electronic copy of any Deseret text unless the person you are sharing it with also has the proper fonts installed. If you want to send electronic text in Deseret I suggest converting it to a PDF first.

Keep in mind that all of the fonts listed here are amature fonts. I think many of them are pretty good (I'm partial to the ones I made), but several of them are severly lacking. I present them to you as they are. Enjoy.