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Pierre and Katharina Koch want to announce the birth of their beautiful daughter, Theresa Katharina Koch, born 2/3/15. Congratulations to the proud parents.

Gloria Lee is joining the well-respected law firm of Wilson-Sonsini as a patent agent/scientific advisor, precisely the job she wanted. She'll work in their Palo Alto office. Way to go, Gloria!

Tim Dong has just accepted a new job as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Santa Monica College. Congratulations, Tim!

A new postdoc, Elshan Ralalage, has joined the group. He got his PhD with Gene Mash at Arizona. Welcome Elshan!

The Boss has been elected to the National Academy of Inventors and will be inducted in a ceremony in Pasadena in March.

Courtney Roberts has been named the new Jung group leader replacing Gloria Lee who has gotten her PhD. Good luck, Gloria!

The Jung Group Christmas Dinner Party at the UCLA Faculty Center was a big success with lots of great food and drink.

Bree Lybbert has begun her new position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Manitowoc. Good luck, Bree!

Gang Deng and Zheng Li have both started their professional careers as Research Chemists at AbbVie (the old Abbott) labs in Shanghai. Good luck to both of you and your two daughters!

Three new postdocs arrived recently: Emelyne Diers, a PhD from Lutz Ackerman's group at the University of Göttingen; Johnny Pham, whogot his PhD from James Nowick's group at UC Irvine; and Yanpeng Xing, who got his PhD from Zhejiang Univeristy working for two professors, Yanguang Wang and Ping Lu. Welcome all of you to the Jung group!

Tim Dwight has started his postdoctoral position with the great medicinal chemist, Rick Silverman, at Northwestern. Good luck Tim!

Jonah Chang has taken a Visiting Assistant Professor position at BIOLA University in La Mirada. It is a one-year position with the possibility of a second year (or more). He will be teaching general chemistry there. Good Luck, Jonah!

The boss recently gave a lecture in the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Lecture series entitled "Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery". He described many ongoing and recently completed projects in the group, focusing on cancer and spinal fusion.

Lynnie Trzoss has accepted a position as an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Rhode Island. She and their daughter Natalie will move there soon. Husband Michael is still looking for a research chemist position after his very successful company, Trius, was bought by Cubist (and all the chemists let go). Good luck to all of you!

Jeremy Clemens reports that he and Angie have added a daughter to their family so now Zack has a little sister, Penelope, to take care of. Jeremy is still a valuable cog in the Vertex, SD, team. Good luck to the whole family!

Derin D'Amico dropped by recently to say that he has founded a consulting company, Innovative Medicinal Chemistry, LLC, based in Thousand Oaks.

Gloria Lee and Tim Dwight will represent the Jung group in the Spring Student Symposium at UCLA on Saturday June 7th. They will describe the work leading to their PhD's.

Jihye has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows her to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Jihye.

Brian Chamberlain has finished his stint as the postdoc of the Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core facility and has started his new position as a research chemist with MAX Biopharma, where he rejoins Frank Stappenbeck. He is trying to improve the delivery properties and chartacteristics on the small molecules which promote bone growth. Good luck, Brian!

Bree Lybbert has taken a tenure-track assistant professor job at the University of Wisconsin, Manitowoc. She'll be responsible for chemistry of all flavors, general, organic, and even biochemistry. Good luck, Bree!

Woogie has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows him to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Woogie.

Megumi Mizukami has left the Jung group and returned to her position as an Assistant Professor at Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University in Hokkaido, Japan. Good luck, Megumi.

Several Jung group members - Gloria, Brian, Kolya - attended the recent ACS meeting in Dallas. Brian and Gloria gave talks and Kolya interviewed with some headhunters there.

Tim Dong has "re-upped" at Pepperdine, signing on for another year as an organic chemistry instructor. He has also moved to this side of town so the commute to Mailbu isn't as far as it was. Good luck, Tim!

Dongjo Chang left the group in January to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Pharmacy, Sunchon National University (SNU), in Sunchon, Korea. Good luck, Professor Chang!

The Jung Group Dinner/Party at Steingarten on Tuesday 12/3/13 was a big success with lots of great food and drink.

Chris Schwartz, who got his PhD from Pat Dussault at the University of Nebraska, has joined the group as a postdoc. He is working on the synthesis and testing of inhibitors of the N-terminal domain of the AR! Welcome, Chris.

David Shia has received an undergraduate Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship for this academic year. Congrats, David!

Gang Deng was awarded a Pilot Seed Grant from the UCLA Center for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation (CMCR) Program. Congrats, Gang!

Quentin Perron has left Servier and joined a new company as a data mining consultant. The company is Quinten (an anagram of Quentin!) and is based in Paris. Bonne chance, Quentin!

Mikhail Guzaev has accepted a position as a Research Chemist at Biotium in Hayward, CA. The company is a world leader in fluorescent technology and so he will likely work on the synthesis of their fluorescent dyes and products. Good luck, Mickey!

Mao Ye has left Combi-Blocks to go back to academia. He is now a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Pan at Illinois, where he will work on the synthesis of a DNA-lipid complex.

The boss had an emergency microdiscectomy in late September but has recuperated well. The only problem is no racketball for a few months while his back heals!

Hee-Kwon Kim has left the group to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju, South Korea. He is doing some organic chemistry research related to molecular imaging there. Good luck, Professor Kim!

David Ho reports that he has moved physically to a new lab in Irvine, CA, and that the company he's working for, which was called NantWorks, is now named the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health. He's still doing medicinal chemistry there.

Gladys Completo has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at De La Salle University in Manila, the Philippines. Good luck, Gladys!

Jennifer Murphy has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Crump Institute at UCLA (which is associated with the Department of Molecular And Medical Pharmacology). Way to go, Jenn!

Kozo Shishido has won the prestigious Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for 2013. Congratulations on this major award, Kozo. And good luck in your upcoming retirement!

Brian Chamberlain, the postdoc who runs the CNSI sponsored Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry core facility, has re-upped for another year. He has several papers submitted or in press on his medicinal chemistry research.

Wei Zhong is doing well in his position as a group leader at Astra-Zeneca in Shanghai. His paper on the synthesis of PEIPC has been submitted to JBC. Good luck, Wei.

Collin Regan has accepted a position at Neurocrine Biosciences in San Diego, where he worked as a technician several years ago. Good luck, Collin.

Pierre Koch has started his new position as an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Tuebingen. Good luck, Pierre!

Tim Dong has accepted a new position as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Good luck, Tim!

The drug that our group worked on for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer has now been approved. It is called Xtandi (enzalutamide).

The Boss65 Symposium was held in the CNSI at UCLA on June 29-30, 2012 and was a huge success. Alice and Mike want to thank all the current and former Jung group members who travelled, in some cases, very long distance to attend. The talks were excellent, the discussions afterwards informative, and the ambiance superb. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially John Lowe, Jackie Gervay-Hague, Tina Choe, and Laurie (what an emcee!) Starkey! Seriously thank you all!
















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