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Gang Deng and Zheng Li have both accepted offers as Research Chemists at AbbVie (the old Abbott) labs in Shanghai. We will be sorry to see them go and wish them (and their two daughters) all the best!

Three new postdocs have all arrived within the past month and a half: Emelyne Diers, a recent PhD from Lutz Ackerman's group at the University of Göttingen; Johnny Pham, a recent PhD from James Nowick's group at UC Irvine; and Yanpeng Xing, who recently got his PhD from Zhejiang Univeristy working for two professors, Yanguang Wang and Ping Lu. Welcome all of you to the Jung group!

Tim Dwight has started his postdoctoral position with the great medicinal chemist, Rick Silverman, at Northwestern. Good luck Tim!

The boss has just finished teaching the most recent version of his Heterocyclic Chemistry course with again many people auditing. And it's still true that he wants you to remember "I would have tried the oxadiazole"!

Jonah Chang has taken a Visiting Assistant Professor position at BIOLA University in La Mirada. It is a one-year position with the possibility of a second year (or more). He will be teaching general chemistry there. Good Luck, Jonah!

The boss recently gave a lecture in the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Lecture series entitled "Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery". He described many ongoing and recently completed projects in the group, focusing on cancer and spinal fusion.

Lynnie Trzoss has accepted a position as an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Rhode Island. She and their daughter Natalie will move there soon. Husband Michael is still looking for a research chemist position after his very successful company, Trius, was bought by Cubist (and all the chemists let go). Good luck to all of you!

Jeremy Clemens reports that he and Angie have added a daughter to their family so now Zack has a little sister, Penelope, to take care of. Jeremy is still a valuable cog in the Vertex, SD, team. Good luck to the whole family!

Derin D'Amico dropped by recently to say that he has founded a consulting company, Innovative Medicinal Chemistry, LLC, based in Thousand Oaks.

Gloria Lee and Tim Dwight will represent the Jung group in the Spring Student Symposium at UCLA on Saturday June 7th. They will describe the work leading to their PhD's.

Jihye has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows her to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Jihye.

Brian Chamberlain has finished his stint as the postdoc of the Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core facility and has started his new position as a research chemist with MAX Biopharma, where he rejoins Frank Stappenbeck. He is trying to improve the delivery properties and chartacteristics on the small molecules which promote bone growth. Good luck, Brian!

Bree Lybbert has taken a tenure-track assistant professor job at the University of Wisconsin, Manitowoc. She'll be responsible for chemistry of all flavors, general, organic, and even biochemistry. Good luck, Bree!

Woogie has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows him to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Woogie.

Megumi Mizukami has left the Jung group and returned to her position as an Assistant Professor at Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University in Hokkaido, Japan. Good luck, Megumi.

Several Jung group members - Gloria, Brian, Kolya - attended the recent ACS meeting in Dallas. Brian and Gloria gave talks and Kolya interviewed with some headhunters there.

Tim Dong has "re-upped" at Pepperdine, signing on for another year as an organic chemistry instructor. He has also moved to this side of town so the commute to Mailbu isn't as far as it was. Good luck, Tim!

Dongjo Chang left the group in January to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Pharmacy, Sunchon National University (SNU), in Sunchon, Korea. Good luck, Professor Chang!

The Jung Group Dinner/Party at Steingarten on Tuesday 12/3/13 was a big success with lots of great food and drink.

Chris Schwartz, who got his PhD from Pat Dussault at the University of Nebraska, has joined the group as a postdoc. He is working on the synthesis and testing of inhibitors of the N-terminal domain of the AR! Welcome, Chris.

David Shia has received an undergraduate Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship for this academic year. Congrats, David!

Gang Deng was awarded a Pilot Seed Grant from the UCLA Center for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation (CMCR) Program. Congrats, Gang!

Quentin Perron has left Servier and joined a new company as a data mining consultant. The company is Quinten (an anagram of Quentin!) and is based in Paris. Bonne chance, Quentin!

Mikhail Guzaev has accepted a position as a Research Chemist at Biotium in Hayward, CA. The company is a world leader in fluorescent technology and so he will likely work on the synthesis of their fluorescent dyes and products. Good luck, Mickey!

Mao Ye has left Combi-Blocks to go back to academia. He is now a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Pan at Illinois, where he will work on the synthesis of a DNA-lipid complex.

The boss had an emergency microdiscectomy in late September but has recuperated well. The only problem is no racketball for a few months while his back heals!

Hee-Kwon Kim has left the group to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju, South Korea. He is doing some organic chemistry research related to molecular imaging there. Good luck, Professor Kim!

David Ho reports that he has moved physically to a new lab in Irvine, CA, and that the company he's working for, which was called NantWorks, is now named the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health. He's still doing medicinal chemistry there.

Gladys Completo has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at De La Salle University in Manila, the Philippines. Good luck, Gladys!

Jennifer Murphy has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Crump Institute at UCLA (which is associated with the Department of Molecular And Medical Pharmacology). Way to go, Jenn!

Kozo Shishido has won the prestigious Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for 2013. Congratulations on this major award, Kozo. And good luck in your upcoming retirement!

Brian Chamberlain, the postdoc who runs the CNSI sponsored Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry core facility, has re-upped for another year. He has several papers submitted or in press on his medicinal chemistry research.

Dr. Megumi Mizukami has joined the group as a postdoc. She is an Associate Professor in the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry at Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University, School of Pharmacy. She'll be with us for one year. Welcome, Megumi!

Wei Zhong is doing well in his position as a group leader at Astra-Zeneca in Shanghai. His paper on the synthesis of PEIPC has been submitted to JBC. Good luck, Wei.

Collin Regan has accepted a position at Neurocrine Biosciences in San Diego, where he worked as a technician several years ago. Good luck, Collin.

Pierre Koch has started his new position as an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Tuebingen. Good luck, Pierre!

Tim Dong has accepted a new position as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Good luck, Tim!

Ryan Quiroz wrote to say that he has received an NSF Award for graduate studies at Stanford. Good luck, Ryan!

Jonah Chang is now teaching in the Chem 30 series at UCLA and may even teach for 1-2 quarters next year.

Peng Cui wrote recently and told me that he and his wife, Eve Li, had finished a "natural product" synthesis, namely their new daughter, Caroline. Congrats! Peng is still working at Regeneron in Rensselaer, NY.

The drug that our group worked on for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer has now been approved. It is called Xtandi (enzalutamide).

The Boss65 Symposium was held in the CNSI at UCLA on June 29-30, 2012 and was a huge success. Alice and Mike want to thank all the current and former Jung group members who travelled, in some cases, very long distance to attend. The talks were excellent, the discussions afterwards informative, and the ambiance superb. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially John Lowe, Jackie Gervay-Hague, Tina Choe, and Laurie (what an emcee!) Starkey! Seriously thank you all!

Tim Dong started his new position as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry in the W. M. Keck Science Department at Claremont McKenna College. Good luck, Tim!

Paul Ornstein has left Eli Lilly after many years to accept a position in academics. He is now an Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy at Roosevelt University in Schaumburg, IL, which is near O'Hare airport. Good luck, Paul!

Ryan Quiroz has accepted the offer from Stanford and will be a new grad student there this fall, possibly working for Paul Wender. Good luck, Ryan!

Li Zheng, Gang Deng's wife, has joined the group as a postdoc. She is working in Pharmacology on the dCK project, along with Jenn Murphy, and her lab is in the med school. Welcome, Zheng!

A new postdoc, Brian Chamberlain, joined the group in May as the senior researcher in the CNSI sponsored Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry core facility. He got his PhD with Charles McKenna at USC. Welcome, Brian!

Quentin Perron has started his new position as a research chemist at Servier in Croissy, France, where he got a chance to interact with the boss, who is a consultant there! Chapeau et bonne chance (ou bon courage), Quentin!

Bree Lybbert has begun her position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota at Morris. Good luck, Bree!

Jennifer Murphy just finished a 4-month internship with Professor Tobias Ritter at Harvard learning 18F fluorination techniques. She's now back at UCLA working in Pharmacology.

David Shia has joined the group as an undergraduate researcher. He is the son of Haiji Xia, who got his PhD with the boss many years ago! Welcome, David.

Mao Ye started his new position at Combi-Blocks in San Diego in early February. Good luck, Mao!

Collin Regan has accepted a position at Vertex in San Diego. He was forced to move since Cylene Pharmaceuticals eliminated all its Research and development activities. Good luck, Collin.

Raphäel Robiette and his wife Marie are the proud parents of Antoine who was born in 2009. Congrats! Raphäel is an F.R.S.-FNRS Research Fellow and Professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

Jonah Chang finished his PhD in January and is now at UC Irvine where he a postdoc with Larry Overman. Good luck, Jonah!

Gang Deng and his wife Li Zheng are proud to announce the birth of their first child, a daughter named Shirley, born on December 21st, Gang's birthday. Welcome to the Jung group, Shirley!

Two new grad students have joined the group, Courtney Roberts from William and Mary and Daniel Sun from San Jose State. Welcome to the Jung group!

The boss has returned from his sabbatical in Paris. While there he gave many lectures, consulted, served on thesis committees, and even presented his course on Heterocyclic Chemistry, but this time in French!

Dongjo Chang was recently awarded a SEED grant for trying to determine the mechanism of action of novel small molecules which are radiomitigators, namely they counteract the negative effects of radiation. Way to go, Dongjo!

Hiufung Chu and her husband Wilson are proud to announce the birth of their first child, a son named Nathan Lok-Shen Chu Wong, born on December 1st. They have just moved to Boston where Wilson has started his new position as an assistant professor in the biomedical engineering department at Boston University. Good luck!

The current downsizing trend has hit many former group members hard, although a few have managed to find good jobs. If anyone out there needs some extremely good experienced synthetic chemists, call the boss and he can give you the names of several very good candidates!

The dynamic duo of European postdocs have returned to Europe. Pierre Koch is working with Prof. Christa Müller at the Pharmaceutical Institute in Bonn, Germany, while Quentin Perron is actively interviewing for positions in both France and Switzerland. Good luck to both of you!

Damian Allen has started a new position as an equity research associate at Rodman & Renshaw in New York. Good luck, Damian!

In early November, the phase 3 clinical trial for MDV3100 was halted because the results were so positive. It may well become an approved drug for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer soon.

Lynnie Lin has finished her PhD at UC San Diego with Emmanuel Theodorakis and will start a postdoctoral position soon with Bill Fenical at Scripps. Good luck, Lynnie!

Mihkail Guzaev was awarded a hard-to-get Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2011-2012. Way to go, Mickey!

Peng Cui has started a new position at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Tarrytown, NY. Good luck, Peng.

Adrian Huang has started her new position as an Instructor in the Chemistry Department at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Good luck, Adrian!

Some terrible news. Todd Blumenkopf, one of the first undergrad researchers in the Jung group, passed away in late August from complications related to a recent surgery. He was an incredibly upbeat and courageous guy and a wonderful friend. We will miss him!

Two new postdocs have started working in the Jung group. Nikolai (Kolya) Evdokimov, who got his PhD with Prof. Kornienko at New Mexico Tech, is working on putting 18F into organic molecules. And Jean-Hugues Mirebeau, who did hid PhD with Prof. Jaouen at ENSCP in Paris, is working on read-through compounds and imiquimod analogues. Welcome to you both!

Luke Koroniak has obtained a permanent position at DSM in the Netherlands. He is working in their Drug Delivery Division in application development. Good luck, Luke!

Brent Smith has left Delaware for Texas. He has started a position with Virbac Pharmaceuticals, a big player in Animal Health. Good luck, Brent!

Jeremy and Angie Clemens are the proud parents of Zachary Andrew, born 4/12/11. Both mom and son are doing great! As Jeremy said: "there goes the chemists only have girls rule." And there must be something in the water in San Diego and especially at Vertex since both Jeremy and Joe Pontillo had sons within about a month (a pregnancy virus on the loose?). Seriously, congrats Jeremy and Angie!

Jesus Cordova has taken a job as a research chemist at SIGNA, Inc., a pharmaceutical company in Toluca, Mexico, where he will learn medicinal chemistry. Good luck, Jesus!

The boss is scheduled to present a lecture at the 2011 Stauffer Symposium at USC in April. Since the theme of the symposium is drug discovery, he will describe the work that led to MDV3100 and ARN509. Then in mid-May, he will present a Plenary Lecture on the same topic at the First Mexican Meeting on Pure and Applied Chemistry in Mexico City. Finally he is invited to give a seminar at the 52nd GECO (Groupe d'Etude de Chimie Organique) in Brittany this August.

Ramin Salehi-Rad wrote to say that he has decided to do his residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA. It's a 3-year general internist training, after which he can practice medicine or continue doing research in a related field, e.g., Hematology/Oncology. Good luck, Dr. Ramin!

Joe and Debbie Pontillo are the proud parents of Ethan Matthew, born 3/11/11. His big sister Natasha is slightly jealous - she turns 4 on 3/23/11. Joe is still working as a research chemist at Vertex in San Diego, which is doing very well with a likely approval of telaprevir for HCV. The boss still consult there. Congratulations, Joe and Debbie!

Jennifer Murphy has started a postdoc in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology in the Med School here at UCLA. She is developing ways to make fluorinated compounds, eventually for PET imaging and/or therapeutics. Congrats, Jenn!

Dawei Yue, who worked on the PEIPC project, called the boss recently and said that he is now the Associate Director of Med Chem at Crown Bioscience (Taicang) in Jiangsu, China.

Haiji Xia stopped by on Saturday (Bruins Day) to see his old boss. His son David has been accepted at UCLA and is interested in chemistry so he wanted to find out whether I might be able to teach him organic chemistry! The rest of the family - Jesse, Rachel, and Michael - are also doing well. Haiji is still working for ChemDiv in San Diego.

Several group members presented posters or gave talks at the ACS meeting in Anaheim a few weeks ago. The boss talked at the Industrial Chemistry Award Symposium, which was in honor of John Lowe, the first ever PhD from our group. Congratulations John!

The boss just returned from his semiannual trip to France, where he managed to work a lot, giving one seminar and doing 4 days consulting. He added a new consulting gig, this time at Diverchim, which is a French CRO just north of Paris.

Damian Allen is finishing his Master's course in Finance at Claremont College and is looking for a summer internship. Any of you rich ex-Jung folks looking for a bright business type, give Damian a call!

Felix Perez did his CBI-mandated internship at Amgen this summer and worked with Ana Minatti on a project to improve the yields of Buchwald couplings of halopyridines. The work was so successful that they just published the results in Org. Letts. Congrats, Felix!

Jake and Victoria Wasserman are the proud parents of Caleb David, born 12/18/10. He seems to resemble Jake in the photos. Jake is still working as a patent lawyer at Pfizer in Cambridge, MA. The boss will be visiting him (and Adrian Huang and Andreas Maderna) in early March for a seminar and consulting visit. Congratulations, Jake and Victoria!

Tim Dong has been named the new Jung group leader replacing Jenn who has gotten her PhD. Good luck, Tim!

A new visiting scholar has joined the group, Frank Stappenbeck, who got his PhD with Jim White at Oregon State and then postdoced with Larry Overman. He has worked for several biotechs and pharma companies (Elan, ICOS, Fate Therapeutics) before coming to our group. Welcome, Frank!

The boss has just co-founded another pharmaceutical company, MAX BioPharma, which has two drug development goals - bone formation (for fracture healing and osteoporosis) and anticancer activity (pancreatic cancer and osteosarcoma and others). Good luck, boss!

The boss' other company, Aragon Pharmaceutical, filed an IND for their first drug, ARN-509, and it started phase 1-2 clinical trials for castration-resistant prostate cancer in August 2010. Let's hope they go well and the drug can someday help men suffering with that disease!

The boss wants to thank everyone for their kindness and expressions of support after the quite unexpected death of his mom at the age of 96 on January 2, 2011.

Two new postdocs have arrived, Dong-Jo Chang from Prof. Young-Ger Suh's group at Seoul National University in the College of Pharmacy (he'll work on the radiomitigation project) and Gang Deng from Prof. David Lee's group at Harvard Medical School (his project is a new breast cancer project on novel ER antagonists). Welcome to you both!

After several very productive years in the group, Dongwon Yoo has gone back to Korea where he is a research professor affiliated with Prof. Jinwoo Cheon in Nanomedicine at Yonsei Univeristy. We wish you all the best, Dongwon!

On Parents' Weekend at UCLA, Suki Tamura and George Geller came back to visit the Boss. Their son, Matthew, is a sophomore here majoring in Microbiology. He's taking organic chemistry but, unfortunately, not from the Boss! It was good seeing Suki and George again! Suki is still at Watson Pharmaceuticals in Corona.

KhanhLinh Nguyen and Rob Epple announce the arrival of their first child, a son named Julian Tuan Epple. Mom and son are both doing well. Congratulations, KhanhLinh and Rob!

Pierre Koch just returned from a quick trip to Germany, where he received the Merck Promotion Prize for the best PhD thesis at the University of Tübingen. He also was just informed that he has received the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinshaft) Fellowship to do postdoctoral work with the Boss here at UCLA. A double round of applause for Pierre!

Quentin Perron has joined the group as a Swiss NSF Postdoc. He got his PhD from Alex Alexakis, at the University of Geneva, working on novel metal-catalyzed processes. He is working on the total synthesis of Brasilicardin A.

Pascale Sztajnbok wrote recently to say that she has returned from a long stay in Indonesia where she worked in the water industry, mainly for the Indonesian Ministry of Health. She just got a Masters degree in translation in France and is "looking for gainful employment" as they say. She has two sons, 12 & 10 years old.

I learned some very sad news recently. Guillermo (Will) Perdomo passed away of brain cancer this summer. He had worked at Tennessee Eastman for several years. He was the first undergraduate to work with me. We wish his family all the best.

Astellas and Medivation just announced that they are starting a second phase 3 clinical trial of MDV3100, the boss' prostate cancer drug. This trial is for chemo-naive patients, those who have not yet had significant chemotherapy and who are therefore much earlier in their disease.

The boss gave the Staff Research Seminar in the Department on Friday, October 8th. This is a new seminar program to let the staff of the department know what type of work is going on here. His title was: "What an Organic Chemist can do to Treat Prostate Cancer."

Becca Lui has finished her PhD research and submitted her thesis. She has started working as a research chemist at Chemocentryx in Mountain View, CA, where she has joined Hiufung Chu. Good luck, Becca!

Pierre Koch, who got his PhD with Stefan Laufer in medicinal chemistry at the University of Tübingen working on, among other things, MAP Kinase inhbitiors, has joined the group and will do some carbohydrate synthesis related to the sugars in brasilicardin A. Welcome, Pierre!

Dongwon Yoo has decided to take a job with Prof. Jinwoo Cheon at Yonsei University in Korea (a former postdoc with Jeff Zink). So after almost 5 years in the Jung group, he is heading back home! He will work on projects involving the use of nanotechnology in medicine. But first he has to finish rhodexin A! Seriously, good luck, Dongwon!

Alex Blum, Roberto and Trish's son, came by to visit the boss. He finished his degree at Duke and is now working in San Francisco. Boy, are we getting old!

Jennifer Murphy and her long-time boyfriend Alex tied the knot on September 17th. Good luck to both of you!

On the boss' recent trip to France, he had lunch with Père Denis Jachiet, his former postdoc who is now a priest in Paris. Denis is the pastor at St. Séverin, a beautiful old church in the heart of the Latin Quarter and is doing very well. We wish you all the best, Denis!

The boss also had lunch in Paris (doesn't he ever work there!) with his former postdoc Franck Slowinski and his wife Candice Botuha. Franck is still working at Sanofi-Aventis abd is trying to find a way to do joint research wioth the boss. Candice is a CNRS Maître de Conférence with Serge Thorimbert in Paris. They have two sons, Gael and Ewen.

The boss presented an invited lecture at the 14th International Congress on Hormonal Steroids and Hormones and Cancer in Edinburgh. He gave the latest update on MDV3100 and the new antiandrogen, ARN509.

The group had a great picnic at the UCLA Rec Center on Saturday, August 28. There was delicious food from everyone and a few old-timers - Ramin and Damian - even showed up to help take care of any excess food! Great fun!

The Jung group was well represented at the recent ACS meeting in Boston, where three postdocs gave posters on their work (Dongwon, Woogie, and Wei) and the boss went out to fine dinners every night!

Mao Ye, who got his PhD from Oliver Reiser in Regensburg, Germany, and then had a series of postdocs in the States, most recently with Marcia Dawson at the Sanford-Burnham Institute in San Diego, has joined the group as the assistant director of the Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core Facility replacing Xiao-lu Cai, who has gone back to China. Welcome, Mao!

Luke Koroniak wrote to say that he has landed a temporary position in drug delivery at DSM, where Iwona works, in Maastritch, Netherlands. Maybe he was prescient in leaving Abraxis since that has now been sold to Celgene! Good luck, Luke!

John Rohloff has started several new positions! He is the Director of Specialty Chemistry at Somalogic (at the old NeXstar site in Boulder) while also being the Vice-President of Chemistry for Crestone (a new startup which bought the antibacterial R&D programs from Replidyne when it closed). And he plays music almost every weekend with several groups but mostly the Ariel Fletcher Band. Keep on trucking (and plucking), John!

Jake Wasserman has left Foley Hoag law firm in Boston and is now Patent Counsel for Pfizer in Cambridge (the old Wyeth site). Now if only the boss can convince the folks there to bring him back as a consultant, he'd be able to keep up with Jake (and Adrian Huang) in person! Good luck, Jake!

Andreas Maderna, who is now a group leader at Pfizer in Groton, has arranged for the boss to visit and give a seminar and do some consulting. That would make Andreas 3 for 3, namely, three companies all with the Boss consulting, although the last two - Valeant and Wyeth - didn't pan out so well long term!

Yue Xu and his wife, Hui Juan, and their boys, Joseph and Michael (gee, I like that name) stopped by recently. Yue has just taken the California bar exam after studying law at U San Francisco and will find out if he passed soon. She is working for San Disk and they still live in Fremont.

Rob Tinder has accepted a new position as a Principal Scientist in chemical synthesis at Roche in Nutley. He will work on developing new technologies, especially scale-up and continuous processing. Good luck, Rob!

The boss bumped into Angel Kim, now Mrs. Brandon Murakami, at LAX. He is a prof at Rhode Island College in Providence and she will be starting a new job at Brown. They have two adorable children, a daughter Akiko (KiKi) and a son Akiyoshi.

Gladys Completo, who got her PhD with Todd Lowary at Alberta and then was a postdoc with Jim Paulson at Scripps, has started doing some non-carbohydrate chemistry for a change here as a postdoc. She is replacing Jin-Mo Ku who is back in Korea. Welcome, Gladys.

The boss gave a seminar to MDs at the West LA Veterans Administratiopn hospital in their Endocrine Grand Rounds seminar program. His title was: "Rational Drug Design for the Treatment of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer."

Manon Chaumontet has started a new job at the small biotech company, Diverchim, in a suburb north of Paris. She reports that she is working on heterocyclic chemistry (don't I always stress how important that is!) and some steroid chemistry. Bonne chance et bon courage, Manon!

Dave Spurgeon reports that, after many years of teaching organic chemistry at the University of Arizona, he has accepted a position with McGraw-Hill as the Director of Digital Content for the Physical Sciences and is moving from Tucson to Dubuque, Iowa. Good luck, Dave.

Rich Brown called recently to say hi. He is now working for Life Technologies which was born 1 1/2 years ago by the merger of Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen. He is still in Foster City!

Felix Perez is now carrying out a research internship at Amgen in Medicinal Chemistry as part of his CBI Traineeship. He had a chance to have lunch with the Boss and hear him give his seminar at Amgen in July. Come back stronger, Felix!

Jin-Mo Ku has accepted a position at the Institute of Science and Technology Promotion in Gyeonggi Korea, and left the group on July 1st. Good luck, Jin-Mo!

Jonah Chang attended the ACS Graduate Research Symposium this summer in Boston. He described his total synthesis of fawcettimine which was published in Org. Lett. It even garnered some prime chem blog space. Way to go, Jonah!

I learned some very sad news recently. Jim Hudspeth passed away of brain cancer nearly a year ago at the UCLA Medical Center. He had worked for years at Seres (now PCAS-Nanosyn) in Santa Rosa. In January 2008, completely without warning, a brain tumor was discovered. We wish his family all the best.

Dongwon Yoo was honored as the recipient of one of the prestigious MBI Postdoctoral Recognition Awards, which he received from the boss at the MBI Postdoctoral Award ceremony on May 5th. Congrats, Dongwon!

After more than 3 ½ years in the Jung group, Xiaolu Cai has decided to return to Beijing, China, where his wife has found a position. The only postdoc ever in the Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core Facility, Xiaolu worked on dozens of projects in his time here. We wish Xiaolu all the best!

Jamie Im, now doing a postdoc with Neil Garg, has accepted a position with Ironwood Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA. Good luck, Jamie!

The boss just returned from his annual spring visit to Europe. This time, in addition to his usual consulting gigs at ORIL and Servier, he also gave a seminar and consulted at J&J Pharmaceutical in Beerse, Belgium, and gave a seminar and was on a PhD thesis defense at the University of Geneva.

Mardi Gras 2010 was not forgotten in the Jung group, with 2 King Cakes to eat and beads and doubloons to catch for group meeting on Tuesday, 2/16/10. And the boss played New Orleans Mardi Gras music as well.

As anyone who has seen the boss recently realizes (he wears the T-shirt all the time!), he realized a dream by flying to Miami to watch his beloved Saints win the Super Bowl. So if when walking around the building, you hear the chant "Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints," it's likely coming from him!

The closing of most of the Wyeth research facilities by Pfizer has been announced and all 4 of the ex-Jung members are okay. Andreas Maderna has accepted a group leader position at Pfizer, Groton, while Adrian Huang was retained at the Pfizer, Cambridge, site (the old Wyeth site). Jeremy Clemens was offered a position at that site as well but decided to "go West" and has just started at Vertex in San Diego (where the boss consults). Rob Tinder decided not to stay at the new company and is looking at several intriguing opportunities elsewhere. The only "casualty" is the boss, since after more than 20 years of consulting at all the Wyeth sites, he is no longer going to consult with the chemists he has come to know well over the years (unless Andreas and Adrian work hard to convince the Pfizer folks that they can't live without him!). We wish everyone all the best!

Felix Perez was awarded one of the few Third Year Foote Fellowships! Congrats, Felix!

The boss' article with Benhur Lee (and Tinghu Zhang) came out in PNAS and was picked up by a few news magazines because it reports a broad-spectrum antiviral, which is relatively rare. Even Popular Science cited it! Check it out at: <>.

Wei Zhong, who got his PhD doing carbohydrate chemistry with Geert-Jan Boons in Georgia and then was a postdoc with Dan Little at UCSB working on three different projects, has joined the group to replace Forrest. He is now working on a new synthesis of PEIPC based on the route that Forrest developed. Welcome, Wei!

Forrest Arp has started his new position as a Research Chemist at Abraxis in Marina del Rey (replacing Luke Koroniak who has moved to the Netherlands!). Forrest (and Abraxis) will soon move to new labs in Costa Mesa in the old Valeant space. Good luck, Forrest!

Two Jung group members received major awards at the Department's Award Ceremony this past Monday. Bree Lybbert received a Departmental Excellence in Teaching Award and Felix Perez was awarded the Excellence in Second Year Academics and Research for Organic Chemistry. Way to go, Bree and Felix!

Also the boss recieved the 2009 Herbert Newby McCoy Award at the same ceremony for his research on the castration resistant prostate cancer drug.

It was just announced that Astellas Inc. in Japan has concluded a deal with Medivation to jointly develop MDV3100, Dongwon's and the boss' prostate cancer drug. The deal was for $760M, but unfortunately Dongwon and the boss don't get much of that! But it does mean that the drug will be able to go to the end of the pivotal phase 3 clinical trials which started a month ago!

I have just learned some very sad news. Mark Lyster passed away Wednesday, 10/21/09. He had suffered another stroke a few weeks ago and now has transitioned to the next life. We all wish Laura and their sons all the best.

Rudi Marquez and his wife Amber recently had a son, Hamish Alexander (how Scottish), to join their daughter Iona. All are doing well. Rudi is the Ian Sword Lecturer of Bioorganic Chemistry at WestCHEM at the University of Glasgow.

Tsvetelina Lazarova wrote recently to say that her industrial grant to the NSF was funded. Her company, Medchem Partners, is doing well. Now she owes the boss a good dinner for writing the letter of support!
















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