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First of all, I have to apologize for not updating this page nearly often enough. It's all my fault and I hope to do better moving forward. No excuses!

A new postdoc will arrive in April, Jewon Yang, from Professor Park's group at Seoul National University, the same place that another recent postdoc, Hyunsoo Kim, came from.

The boss was recently awarded the IUPAC-Richter Prize for Medicinal Chemistry, which is a big honor that is only awarded every two years. He will receive the award in New York CIty in June and has to give two lectures, one in NYC and the other in Nice, France in September.

The compound prepared by Lorenz Urner to hopefully treat glioblastoma, which has been renamed ERAS-801, is moving forward rapidly. Erasca, the company that licensed the work, filed an IND last year and will start clinical trials very soon.

Gloria Lee and her husband Jack Yeung announce the arrival of their second child, a beautiful baby boy named Charles Arthur Yeung. Now Evelyn has a little brother.

Brian Atwood has accepted a position with Iktos, an AI-Chemistry company co-founded by a former Jung group postdoc, Quentin Perron, and based in Paris. Brian has been working remotely and plans to continue to do so. With his leaving the group, Hyo Jin Gim has become the new Jung group leader.

The boss has been busy forming new biotech start-ups, namely:
Westwood Therapeutics: ENPP1 inhibitors for ectotopic calcification
Sardona Therapeutics, Inc.: LIN28/let7 inhibitors for cancer
Aravalent, Inc.: AR degraders for prostate cancer
Katmai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: brain-penetrant EGFR inhibitors for glioblastoma
Athos Therapeutics, Inc.: autoimmune diseases and cancer

Three new postdocs have arrived recently:
Hyunsoo Kim from Seoul National University
Luke Sisto from Patrick Harran's group here at UCLA
Bijay Shrestha, a PhD from New Mexico and most recently a postdoc with Scott Denmark at Illinois
Welcome all three of you.

Many people have left and have taken up positions around the globe:
Nikolai Evdokimov: Chemical Laboratory Safety Officer, University of California, Santa Barbara
Young Sug Kim: Senior Researcher, LegoChem Biosciences, Inc., Daejun, South Korea
Jonghoon Kim: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea
Elshan Ralalage: Principal Investigator, Calibr, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
Lorenz Urner: Senior Researcher, Roche, Basel, Switzerland
Youngjae Kim: Senior Researcher, SK Biopharmaceuticals, Seoul, South Korea
Ethan Rosser: Research Scientist, Puget Sound VA Hospital, WA
Sung Wook Yi (Woogie): Senior Research Chemist, Genesis Biosciences, San Diego, CA
Xiaohong Chen and Xiaoguang Liu: both Senior Researchers, Loxo Oncology, Boulder, CO
Roy Pan, Education Consultant/Private Tutor, Los Angeles, CA

Lorenz Urner has moved to a position as a Senior Researcher at Roche in Basel. Good luck, Lorenz!

With Ethan Rosser leaving for his new position in Washington, Brian Atwood has become the new Jung group leader.

Alice and I are worried about all of you and hope that you are doing well and taking precautions. We are fine, hunkered down in our house in LA, dependent on the kindness and good will of many students, former students, and friends. With their help, we are managing rather well. So far we are asymptomatic and hope to remain so. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers. Stay safe and healthy!

Rob Tinder has morphed his original company Proteaf into a new venture, named Intense Process Technologies, located in Tacoma, WA. He is the Chief Scientist there working on developing intensified continuous processes. Good luck, Rob.

It was just announced that Muz Mansuri has resigned from his position as the Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, at Sanofi. This was a voluntary separation as Muz is excited about starting a new company for faster drug development. Good luck, Muz.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Bruce Gaede has passed away. He died unexpectedly of a cardiac event on November 1st. Bruce was the first postdoc ever to work in the Jung group and, as such, helped mentor the first classes of graduate students in everything, how to run reactions, glassblowing, literature, etc. He had a true love of chemistry. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow, Lee, and his son, Stephen and his grandchildren. A memorial service is planned for Saturday 1/11/20 in Evanston.

Lorenz Urner has accepted a position as a Senior Researcher at Janssen Pharmaceutical Research in Beerse, Belgium. He starts in March 2020. Good luck, Lorenz!

A new postdoc, Yonglong Xiao, has just joined the group and will work on the extension of Elshan's AR antagonist/degrader project. Welcome, Yonglong!

Xiaohong Chen and Xioaguang Liu welcomed their daughter, Charlote, into their family on September 23, 2019. Mom and daughter are both doing fine - in fact Xiaohong is back in lab now. Congratulations!

The boss and Alice spent the month of September in Europe with the boss giving seminars and consulting at two Servier sites, Croissy (just outside Paris) and Budapest, Hungary. They are back and working hard.

Daniel Sun and his wife Susan welcomed their daughter, Melania Lee Sun, into their family on July 1, 2019. Mom and daughter are both doing fine. Congratulations!

Jonah Chang just wrote to say that he has been granted tenure at Biola and is now an Associate Professor there. He will soon be spending a month at Texas A&M in Dan Romo's group. Congrats, Jonah!

Jonghoon Kim has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Soongsil University in Seoul, the oldest university in Korea. He starts in September. Good luck, Jonghoon!

After quite a wait for visa formalities, Thanuja and Elshan have finally returned to the US and LA along with their new son Arya. Welcome back guys! And now Elshan has taken over the mentoring duties for Charlie.

YoungSug Kim has returned to Korea where he is now a Senior Researcher at LegoChem Biosciences, Inc., in Daejun. Although the company is best known for ADC's (antibody-directed conjugates), YoungSug will be working on research to make new antibiotics, a very important job. Good luck, YoungSug!

Charlie Rettig, the son of Matt Rettig of AR degrader fame, has joined the group for the summer as a volunteer. He has just finished his freshman year at Berkeley. Welcome Charlie!

Tim Dong recently wrote to say that he has now been granted tenure at Santa Monica College. Way to go, Tim!

Mihwa and Woogie Yi are proud to announce that Hena’s little brother, Inyo, was born in the early morning of May 7, 2019. He was born at home and both mom and baby are doing very well. Now Woogie can add the occupation “midwife” to his CV! Congrats!

The boss has just been named the first ever UC Presidential Chair in Medicinal Chemistry. Way to go, boss!

Daniel Sun has just accepted a position as a Senior Researcher at Pelage Pharmaceutical and is working in the incubator in the CNSI. He is Pelage's first employee and is trying to make better analogues as MPC inhibitors for hair growth, the project Xiaoguang started in the group. Good luck, Daniel!

Babies, babies, and more babies! Thanuja and Elshan had a baby boy in Sri Lanka on February 17th, named Arya and Mihwa and Woogie just had a baby boy - at home! - named Inyo on May 7th. Everyone is doing fine. And both the teams of Xiaohong-Xiaoguang and Daniel-Susan are expecting soon (before the end of the summer). So be careful, there's a pregnancy virus loose in the group. Seriously, congratulations to Elshan and Thanaju and Mihwa and Woogie!

A new postdoc, Youngjae Kim, has just joined the group. He did his PhD with Drs. Hyunah Choo and Jinsung Tae at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) in Seoul. He is accompanied by his wife, Gyeong Hi, and his son, Yoonseong. He will work on a new med chem project involving inhibitors of the Aster enzymes for cholesterol trafficking. Welcome Youngjae!

The boss has just returned from a 3-month sabbatical in Paris where he was at Université Pierre et Marie Curie. He returned to LA three times during that span to make sure there was still someone in lab (just kidding). But now he's back for good.

A new postdoc, Brian Atwood, joined the group in October 2018. He got his BS in Chemistry from UC Davis and then did his PhD with Chris Vanderwal at UC Irvine, working on total synthesis of natural products. He is working on a new med chem project involving small molecules that actively cause fission of old mitochondria that may well lead to longer and improved life spans for humans. Welcome Brian!

The boss has been busy founding new companies with two just taking form: WZJ Therapeutics to look at colorectal cancer (Xiaohong's molecules) and Pelage Pharmaceutical to look at new agents for growing hair (Xiaoguang's research project). And there are more possibilities in the works as well.

Gyudong Kim has accepted a position as a tenure-track assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy, Chonnam National University in Gwangju, Korea. Good luck, Gyudong!

Gloria Lee has started a new position as a patent agent at QuantumScape, a stealth energy company in San Jose that works on solid state batteries and the like. Good luck, Gloria!

Nikolai Evdokimov has acccepted a position as a Senior Scientist position with Q2 LabSolutions in Ithaca, NY. His former employer, Achaogen, Inc., had to let most of their chemistry staff go this summer and fall. Good luck, Kolya!

The boss gave the plenary lecture at the Amgen Inventor's Banquet at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley in October and got a guided tour of the exhibits, including Air Force One.

Pierre Koch, who is an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry at the Pharmaceutical Institute of the University of Tübingen, hosted the boss for a seminar in October. The boss learned that Pierre has just received the "Nachwuchspreis der DPhG-Stiftung (Horst-Böhme-Stiftung)" which is a young investigator prize. Congratulations Pierre!

The boss was one of the Invited Speakers at the Stork Memorial Symposium, in honor of his old boss, Gilbert Stork. It was a great time to reminisce with former colleagues and to honor the memory of a great researcher and teacher.

Juno Van Valkenburgh has left the group for a postdoc with Prof. Kai Chem at USC. Ethan Rosser has taken over as the new Jung Group Leader and Safety Officer.

Sung-Wook Yi, Woogie, has rejoined the Jung group as a Staff Research Associate. He has picked up his old project of examining bacterial enzymes to try to stop bacterial infections, this time focusing on the Tar group of enzymes. Good luck, Woogie!

Jesus Cordova has just started his new position as Assistant Proessor of Chemistry at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. Good luck, Jesus!

Kolya (Nikolai) Evdokimov has left Los Angeles to accept a Senior Research Chemist position at Achaogen in South San Francisco. They are a growing company focused on the development of new antibiotics. And he will be reunited with the Boss who consults for Achaogen. Good luck, Kolya!

Min Woo Ha has left the group to accept a position as a team leader for Research & Business Development Strategy at Amicogen in Jinju, South Korea. There she will be reunited with her husband Byeung Hui and her daughter Gwanyu. Good luck, Min Woo!

The highlight of the month of May was the surprise 70th birthday party that the group threw for the Boss. It was fabulous, with great food and wine. Min Woo drew pictures of all the group members and of the Boss and Alice, which were superb! And Hyo Jin was able to convince more than 30 former group members to send video clips wishing the Boss a Happy Birthday. The Boss really enjoyed the party and the video. Thanks to all!

Gyudong Kim has left the group to accept a position as a Research Professor in the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University in Korea. Good luck, Gyudong!

Two new postdocs have recently joined the group, namely Young Sug Kim, who got his PhD at Sung Kyun Kwan University in Seoul, and Lorenz Urner, who did his PhD with François Diederich at the ETH in Zürich. Good luck to you both!

Lenny Davis wrote recently to update his employment history. After several years at Sun Chemical Company in Carlstadt, NJ, he has now become the R&D Director at Micro Essential Laboratory in Brooklyn, NY, where he is responsible for all R&D and New Product Development activities. Good luck, Lenny!

Brian Chamberlain wrote that he has just accepted a new job as a research chemist at Silicon Therapeutics in Boston, where he'll be in charge of making structures to match the theorists' predictions. Good luck Brian!

Two postdocs have left the group recently for great jobs. Emelyne Diers took a position as a Research Scientist at the University of Dundee in Scotland. And Johnny Pham has just started a job as a Research Chemist at ORIC, Inc., in South San Francisco. Good luck to you both!

Gang Deng just sent pictures and a movie of his family celebrating the Chinese New Year (Rooster). He has very recently switched positions and is now working at the R&D Center of Janssen Pharmaceutical in Shanghai with an old friend of the boss named ZK! Good luck Gang and Zheng!

Rudi Marquez checked in recently with the news that he has moved to China about 18 months ago. He is now a professor and the chair of the Department of Chemistry at the Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) in Suzhou, China. He is currently in New Zealand doing some experiments but will return to XJTLU soon to teach next semester. Good luck Rudi!

Yoshi Usui writes that he has retired from his leadership position as a Senior Research Scientist at Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceutical Co., in Yokohama. He is now an executive consultant in the R&D Department at Ryoto Fine Co. in Chiba, Japan. Good luck with the new position, Yoshi!

On November 12, 2016, the boss recived the Seaborg Medal Award for 2016. There was a great symposium in the afternoon on Drug Discovery (speakers: John Martin, Gilead; Paul Wender, Stanford; Peter Dervan, Caltech; and then the boss). And the Reception and Banquet that evening was fabulous with great food and wine. The boss gave a really memorable after dinner talk and even received two standing ovations! More than 55 former Jung group members attended the events! The final group photo will be posted soon. Thanks to everyone for making it a superb event!

The boss and Alice have donated $1M to establish the Michael and Alice Jung Chair in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery at UCLA. Their donation is being matched by the Xtandi Royalty funds which the department is receiving to establish this full chair. The donation was announced at the Seaborg Banquet!

Both Daniel Sun and Courtney Roberts, the boss' last grad students, have finished their theses and are now PhD's. Congratulations! Daniel will stay in the group as a postdoc working for Caius Radu while Courtney is off to postdoc with Dr. Andrew McGill at the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. Good luck to you both.

Collin Regan is still (and again) a research chemist at Neurocrine in San Diego, where the boss consulted as a tag-team with Dale Boger many years ago. He is married to Kate and they have a beautiful daughter, Jane. Good luck, Collin.

Mike Parker has taken a new job as a research chemist at the Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center in Doylestown, PA, not too far from his old job at J&J. Good luck, Mike.

The Boss will receive the Glenn T. Seaborg Medal Award on Saturday, November 12, 2016. He has put together a symposium for Saturday afternoon entitled “Drug Discovery: From Bench to Market.” The speakers are: John Martin (Gilead), Paul Wender (Stanford), Peter Dervan (Cal Tech), and then the Boss. The symposium is in the CNSI and then there is a banquet that evening in the new Luskin Conference Center. Also that weekend is the first-ever Alumni Reunion for the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, which runs from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. If you want to attend either of those two events, e-mail the Boss. I hope to see many of you there!

Jeremy and Angie Clemens want to announce the arrival of their new son, Wesley, who joins his brother Zachary and sister Penny in the Clemens family. Jeremy is still working at Vertex in La Jolla. Good luck to you all!

Lynnie (Lin) Trzoss has left Vertex and just taken a job as a Research Chemist at Celgene, Inc., in La Jolla, where her old boss consults. Good luck, Lynnie!

Professor Feng Jiang, who was a Visiting Professor in the group for a year, has now returned to his position as a Professor at China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing. Good luck, Feng!

Peter Klein is now working as an Independent Patent Contractor at Intellectual Ventures in Seattle. He and his wife and two daughters are doing fine. The Boss remembers fondly 'shroom' hunting with Peter many years ago.

Sun Joon Min has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Hanyang University in Ansan just outside of Seoul. He has already set up his lab and has started teaching three graduate students as their advisor. He joins a former Jung group member, Hakjune Rhee, who is also on the faculty there. Good luck, Sun Joon!

The Boss has just won the Tolman Award for 2015. The Tolman Medal is awarded each year by the Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society (SCALACS) in recognition of outstanding contributions to chemistry. The Boss will receive the medal and give a seminar on April 27, 2016 at UCLA. He will also be a Keynote Speaker at the 8th Yao Yuan Biotech-Pharma Symposium in Chicago on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

The Boss recently gave the 13th Annual Carl M. Franklin Lecturer on Science and Society at USC. He spoke about "Drug Discovery in Academia: A Successful Case Study" on February 26, 2016. At the lavish dinner afterwards, he was presented with a bottle of excellent French red Burgundy.

Jihye Lee has left the group for her new position as a Research Professor at Gachon University in Inchon, Korea. She will now be able to carry out her own research ideas. Good luck, Jihye!

Two new postdocs have now joined the group. They are Drs. Gyudong Kim and Min Woo Ha. Both received their PhDs in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University. Gyudong started in January and Min Woo in February 2016. Welcome to you both.

Dongwon Yoo attended the nanotechnology conference at the CNSI last week and dropped in to say hi to the Boss. He has just started a new position as an assistant professor at the Institute for Basic Science at Yonsei University, where he can now start his own program in organic synthesis. Good luck Dongwon!

Jesus and Elizabeth Cordova are happy to announce the arrival of their son David on Thursday February 4th. Mother and son are both doing well. Jesus is now a postdoc with Professor Olson at UC Davis.

Tim Dwight has taken a job as a research chemist at Vertex in La Jolla. Good luck, Tim!

Gang Deng reports that he has started a new job as a research chemist with Haiyan Pharmaceutical in Shanghai while Zheng Li has an interesting position in the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Biology and Chemistry, an organization affiliated with the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. Good luck to you both!

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Yuh-Guo Pan had passed away from injuries received in a skiing accident. Yuh-Guo was one of the first members of the nascent Jung group and always showed unbridled enthusiasm and a love of chemistry. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow, Eugenia, and his children, Jeffrey and Elysia.

Greg Hatfield dropped by the Boss' office recently to say hi. He and Dorothy still live in Thousand Oaks. He now works for a tax software company.

The group had its annual potluck supper at group meeting on Tuesday 12/15/15 with, as always, incredibly good food from many different cultures. Alice attended this year and her presence prompted many folks to sing songs from their homelands.

Lynnie (Lin) Trzoss has taken a job as a Research Chemist at Vertex, Inc. in La Jolla not far from where her husband Michael works (at Amplyx). Good luck, Lynnie!

Woogie has just accepted a research chemist position at a new biotech startup, Sumo Biosciences, in Arcadia, to work on small molecule inhibitors of c-Myc for treating cancer. Good luck, Woogie!

Nikolai Evdokimov has been named an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA. Kolya can now write grant proposals and hire undergards to work with him but he is still located in the lab that he has worked in for a few years. Congrats, Kolya!

The boss threw a dinner party for ex-Jung group members at Bambara restaurant in Cambridge just before the ACS meeting in August. It was a big hit with several former group members - namely Craig Zimmerman, Jake Wasserman, Adrian Huang, Grazia Piizzi, Hiufung Chu, Jamie Im, and Brian Chamberlain - in attendance.

Grazia Piizzi and her husband Sauro Liberatore have moved back to the US where she is working for Novartis in Cambridge. They just welcomed a set of twins! Good luck with the chemistry and the family!

Mike Lansdown (one of the few people who has beaten the boss in racketball) has moved from Battelle Labs to the Department of Defense. He still enjoys the job although there's not a lot of chemistry involved any more.

Bihn Vu is now the Director of Chemistry for PMV Pharma in Doylestown, PA. He comes to UCLA to talk with their main chemistry consultant, the Boss, and to have good meals together with David Mack, the CEO of PMV Pharma.

Jackie Gervay-Hague has given up the Directorship of the NSF Chemistry Division and returned to her group at UC Davis. She is doing very well.

In August the group had its "annual" lab cleanup day and managed to throw out large amounts of equipment and redo the master inventory without any major problems.

In July, the boss and Alice threw a dinner party for the group at Steingarten's, where the brats rolled and the beer flowed.

In order to make room for the new synthetic organic chemist, Hosea Nelson, the boss gave up the lab 3221 and the small instrument room adjacent to it, 3221A. The group now has three labs and the large instrument room. It was a lot of work to contract in space and the boss thanks the group very much for all their work and effort.

The boss gave a plenary lecture at the XIVth Gif Symposium in Gif-sur-Yvette, south of Paris, in June. At the final banquet, he sang songs in four languages - German, Japanese, French, and English!

Ramin Salehi-Rad gave a great talk to the undergraduate students in Chem 147 explaining his path from undergrad to grad student with the Boss to finishing the auripyrone synthesis to med school and to saving Ross Porter's life. Quite a talk!

Brian Chamberlain has left MAX Biopharma and started a job at Yuma Therapuetics in Boston. They are a new startup doing research on Alzheimer's Disease. While that is great news for Brian, now the boss has to find another racketball partner. Good luck, Brian!

The boss was honored as a member of the Team Science Award at the 2015 American Association of Cancer Research meeting in Philadelphia in April. His co-recipients were Drs. Charles Sawyers and Howard Scher.

Jonah Chang has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at BIOLA Univeristy in La Mirada, beginning in August 2015. Good luck, Jonah!

The boss just returned from a trip to Korea where he was the first-ever Chu Lecturer at Seoul National University. He also visited the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and Sung Kyun Kwan University and gave seminars there as well. Finally he gave a plenary lecture at the 115th National Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society in Ilsan. But the highlight of the trip was the dinner with 12 former Jung group postdocs and graduate students in Gangnam!

Professor Feng Jiang has joined the group as a Visiting Scholar. He is an Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering in the China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing. Welcome, Feng!

A new postdoc, Hyo Jin Gim, has joined the group. She got her PhD in Medicinal chemistry at Sookmyung Women’s University with Professor Raok Jeon. Welcome, Hyo Jin!

In March, the boss was inducted into the National Academy of Inventors at a ceremony in Pasadena.

Pierre and Katharina Koch want to announce the birth of their beautiful daughter, Theresa Katharina Koch, born 2/3/15. Congratulations to the proud parents.

Gloria Lee is joining the well-respected law firm of Wilson-Sonsini as a patent agent/scientific advisor, precisely the job she wanted. She'll work in their Palo Alto office. Way to go, Gloria!

Tim Dong has just accepted a new job as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Santa Monica College. Congratulations, Tim!

A new postdoc, Elshan Ralalage Nakath, has joined the group. He got his PhD with Gene Mash at Arizona. Welcome Elshan!

Courtney Roberts has been named the new Jung group leader replacing Gloria Lee who has gotten her PhD. Good luck, Gloria!

The Jung Group Christmas Dinner Party at the UCLA Faculty Center was a big success with lots of great food and drink.

Bree Lybbert has begun her new position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Manitowoc. Good luck, Bree!

Gang Deng and Zheng Li have both started their professional careers as Research Chemists at AbbVie (the old Abbott) labs in Shanghai. Good luck to both of you and your two daughters!

Three new postdocs arrived recently: Emelyne Diers, a PhD from Lutz Ackerman's group at the University of Göttingen; Johnny Pham, who got his PhD from James Nowick's group at UC Irvine; and Yanpeng Xing, who got his PhD from Zhejiang Univeristy working for two professors, Yanguang Wang and Ping Lu. Welcome all of you to the Jung group!

Tim Dwight has started his postdoctoral position with the great medicinal chemist, Rick Silverman, at Northwestern. Good luck Tim!

Jonah Chang has taken a Visiting Assistant Professor position at BIOLA University in La Mirada. It is a one-year position with the possibility of a second year (or more). He will be teaching general chemistry there. Good Luck, Jonah!

The boss recently gave a lecture in the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Lecture series entitled "Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery". He described many ongoing and recently completed projects in the group, focusing on cancer and spinal fusion.

Lynnie Trzoss has accepted a position as an assistant professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Rhode Island. She and their daughter Natalie will move there soon. Husband Michael is still looking for a research chemist position after his very successful company, Trius, was bought by Cubist (and all the chemists let go). Good luck to all of you!

Jeremy Clemens reports that he and Angie have added a daughter to their family so now Zack has a little sister, Penelope, to take care of. Jeremy is still a valuable cog in the Vertex, SD, team. Good luck to the whole family!

Derin D'Amico dropped by recently to say that he has founded a consulting company, Innovative Medicinal Chemistry, LLC, based in Thousand Oaks.

Gloria Lee and Tim Dwight will represent the Jung group in the Spring Student Symposium at UCLA on Saturday June 7th. They will describe the work leading to their PhD's.

Jihye has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows her to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Jihye.

Brian Chamberlain has finished his stint as the postdoc of the Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core facility and has started his new position as a research chemist with MAX Biopharma, where he rejoins Frank Stappenbeck. He is trying to improve the delivery properties and chartacteristics on the small molecules which promote bone growth. Good luck, Brian!

Bree Lybbert has taken a tenure-track assistant professor job at the University of Wisconsin, Manitowoc. She'll be responsible for chemistry of all flavors, general, organic, and even biochemistry. Good luck, Bree!

Woogie has just been elevated to an Assistant Specialist, Step II position which means an increase in salary and allows him to stay on in the Jung group. Congrats, Woogie.

Megumi Mizukami has left the Jung group and returned to her position as an Assistant Professor at Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University in Hokkaido, Japan. Good luck, Megumi.

Several Jung group members - Gloria, Brian, Kolya - attended the recent ACS meeting in Dallas. Brian and Gloria gave talks and Kolya interviewed with some headhunters there.

Tim Dong has "re-upped" at Pepperdine, signing on for another year as an organic chemistry instructor. He has also moved to this side of town so the commute to Mailbu isn't as far as it was. Good luck, Tim!

Dongjo Chang left the group in January to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Pharmacy, Sunchon National University (SNU), in Sunchon, Korea. Good luck, Professor Chang!

The Jung Group Dinner/Party at Steingarten on Tuesday 12/3/13 was a big success with lots of great food and drink.

Chris Schwartz, who got his PhD from Pat Dussault at the University of Nebraska, has joined the group as a postdoc. He is working on the synthesis and testing of inhibitors of the N-terminal domain of the AR! Welcome, Chris.

David Shia has received an undergraduate Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship for this academic year. Congrats, David!

Gang Deng was awarded a Pilot Seed Grant from the UCLA Center for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation (CMCR) Program. Congrats, Gang!

Quentin Perron has left Servier and joined a new company as a data mining consultant. The company is Quinten (an anagram of Quentin!) and is based in Paris. Bonne chance, Quentin!

Mikhail Guzaev has accepted a position as a Research Chemist at Biotium in Hayward, CA. The company is a world leader in fluorescent technology and so he will likely work on the synthesis of their fluorescent dyes and products. Good luck, Mickey!

Mao Ye has left Combi-Blocks to go back to academia. He is now a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Pan at Illinois, where he will work on the synthesis of a DNA-lipid complex.

The boss had an emergency microdiscectomy in late September but has recuperated well. The only problem is no racketball for a few months while his back heals!

Hee-Kwon Kim has left the group to accept a position as an assistant professor of chemistry at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju, South Korea. He is doing some organic chemistry research related to molecular imaging there. Good luck, Professor Kim!

David Ho reports that he has moved physically to a new lab in Irvine, CA, and that the company he's working for, which was called NantWorks, is now named the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute for Advanced Health. He's still doing medicinal chemistry there.

Gladys Completo has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at De La Salle University in Manila, the Philippines. Good luck, Gladys!

Jennifer Murphy has just accepted a position as an assistant professor in the Crump Institute at UCLA (which is associated with the Department of Molecular And Medical Pharmacology). Way to go, Jenn!

Kozo Shishido has won the prestigious Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for 2013. Congratulations on this major award, Kozo. And good luck in your upcoming retirement!

Brian Chamberlain, the postdoc who runs the CNSI sponsored Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry core facility, has re-upped for another year. He has several papers submitted or in press on his medicinal chemistry research.

Wei Zhong is doing well in his position as a group leader at Astra-Zeneca in Shanghai. His paper on the synthesis of PEIPC has been submitted to JBC. Good luck, Wei.

Collin Regan has accepted a position at Neurocrine Biosciences in San Diego, where he worked as a technician several years ago. Good luck, Collin.

Pierre Koch has started his new position as an Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Tuebingen. Good luck, Pierre!

Tim Dong has accepted a new position as an Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Good luck, Tim!

The drug that our group worked on for the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer has now been approved. It is called Xtandi (enzalutamide).

The Boss65 Symposium was held in the CNSI at UCLA on June 29-30, 2012 and was a huge success. Alice and Mike want to thank all the current and former Jung group members who travelled, in some cases, very long distance to attend. The talks were excellent, the discussions afterwards informative, and the ambiance superb. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially John Lowe, Jackie Gervay-Hague, Tina Choe, and Laurie (what an emcee!) Starkey! Seriously thank you all!
















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