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There you are wrong. The graveyards are full of middling swordsmen. Best not to be a swordsman at all than a middling swordsman.
-- a young Augustus in HBO's Rome

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I am a Bioinformatics Scientist at Roche Sequencing, previously Bina Technologies, Inc. A little over 10 years ago, the Human Genome Project was complete after 10 years and $10 billion, which sequenced 3 people. It was a monumental achievement unthinkable only a few years prior. Today, we can sequence a genome for roughly $1000 in a single day. However, sequencing output outpaces Moore's Law, and data analysis and management has become the bottleneck of genomic studies.

Check out SomaticSeq, a machine learning algorithm we have developed at Bina to detect somatic mutations in cancer sequencing. SomaticSeq has placed Bina No. 1 in INDEL and No. 2 in SNV in the Stage 5 of the ICGC-TCGA DREAM Somatic Mutation Calling Challenge. Our paper describing the method is an Editor's pick in Genome Biology.

There is also have a quick 8-minute video explaining the methods:

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