Research Interests

The topics listed below are here as reminder for stuff I plan to put, not so much because I feel an expert about them, but for quick reference.

Membrane Biophysics

Fluid membranes suround all living cells. A lot of studies have explored the stunning properties of these fragile objects. I have started studying the shapes of artifical membranes during my Ph D thesis.

DNA Biophysics

I have started getting interested in this topic while combing DNA at the Pasteur Institute.

Genomics and Genetics

Now we know the 3 billion bases of the human genome code: but will it help us more than knowing 3 billion decimals of the number pi ?


The microscope is a handy tool with unsuspected capabilities.

Fluorescent Nanocrystals

Neat tiny and colorful objects. Quite complex to fully understand.

Zebrafish Embryology

Zebra fishes are silent pets that love making science as embryo. They transparent cells move their way towards their final destination obeying some (still) mysterious signals.