Visited Laboratories:
  More of the same... My research project here consisted in combining nanocrystals and DNA molecular combing to achieve ultrahigh resolution physical mapping of genes and DNA-binding proteins. I was also involved in a number of other projects mostly centered around nanocrystals.
  I spent a few months helping setting up this new unit in the Molecular Biology Department before I left for the United States. During that time, I met Philippe Herbomel, who introduced me to the Zebrafish embryo wonders. Irregular discussions with Edouard Yéramian gave me a refreshing look on the physics of DNA.
  This long period introduced me smoothly to biology. I went on from taking care of software and hardware developements to full time involvment in gene physical mapping projects based on molecular combing. E. coli and yeast cultures, DNA extraction and labeling, fluorescent hybridization became my bred and butter.
  Where I started to learn anew form experiments and questions about the observable reality. The general topic of my research was fluid membrane physics (and a bit of chemistry), with an emphasis on vesicles of complex topology.