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This is my page dedicated to super fast, ultra-exotic sports cars. There are the usual Ferraris and Porsches, plus exotics such as the Cizeta Moroder and the McLaren F1. Most of the pictures on these pages are high-quality jpgs and gifs that I've "collected" through the net. I've separated them into different pages so it won't take forever to load. If you feel there is an automobile that definitely belongs in this collection, e-mail me and let me know!

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Supercars - Past and Present is probably the most comprehensive site of Supercars on the net. Many pictures in these pages were taken from this awesome website. (Copyright 1996, Richard Owen.)

Beautiful car pics at the P.A.R.C web site

Some pictures on this site were taken from the photography of Dave Wendt (Copyright, Fast Expensive Cars. Wendt WorldWide 1997. All rights reserved.)

Comprehensive info about cars at the eAuto web site

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