As a programmer and computational chemist I work with and value many different brands of computer, but I have a soft spot for Macs. The following is information I have compiled, or am aware of on the internet, that may be of value to Macintosh developers and users. I hope you find it useful.

Macintosh Development Info

Comment and commentary by Nick...

Some useful links to other sites:

Info Mac Mirrors Apple Dev Services
CodeWarrior WWW Symantec's WWW Dilbert
MacTech's WWW APDA
QuickTime OpenDoc
TidBITS Eric on TCP Brian's"MacGeek" Page
BareBones Alpha MacsBug Info
Mike's LifeGame Prog Contest Addison-Wesley Dev Books java

Macintosh Duo Information

The Duo FAQ hasn't been updated in over a year, but folks still find it useful. You can DL a text copy of the DuoFAQ.txt from my FTP site, or access a copy that has been converted to HTML by Krishna Kumar at DuoFAQ.html. I am working on revising it as a "portables" FAQ now.

for site info contact: Nick.c DeMello