The following are some Macintosh programs I hacked together in my oh-so-rare free time, and feel that they stable enough to share with others. I make no warranties (if fact I've inserted a couple of disclaimers), but you're welcome to try 'em out. The rainbow test tube is my trademark, expect to see a lot of it around your favorite sumex-mirror.

ChemParser : The molecular structure extractor
ChemParser is a drag and drop utility that extracts molecular structure information from some computational output files and leaves the discovered structures in Chem3D (TM) readable format. Right now, it is designed to parse the output of MacroModel Monte Carlo, and Cambridge Crystallography Database searches.
ChemAid : The chemists calculator
ChemAid was one of my first programs. It does simple calculations like molecular weight, stoichiometries of reactions, elementral analysis, and the like. (Amazingly, it's still useful :-)
Cyber Chem : A Multimedia Chemistry Course
CyberChem was developed under contract from McGraw-Hill. As a companion to Raymond Chang's 6e "Chemistry" textbook, this 2 CD multimedia experience incorporates 25 chapters of a multimedia text book, quizes and interactive problem sets. There are 25 movies and 25 chemical simulations where students can explore chemical principles. A tour of CyberChem is online here.