I'm MAD about the 70's!

NaNoo NaNoo!
Mork from Ork!

Pearly whites!
Who's a little bit country?
Who's a little bit rock-n-roll?
Were Donny and Marie better
OR Sonny and Cher...?

Who Wasn't In Love With This Guy?
Every girl I knew had "I Luv Shaun"
Plastered all over their Trapper Keeper

Kristy McNichol as the whiny tomboy Buddy
on Family every Sunday night.
How I wished I had her satin jackets, then!

Back in the days of the Jackson Five,
Michael had yet to look like a carbon-copy
of Diana Ross. ABC, 123...

This foursome was and still is
Sweden's biggest export after
the Volvo! Oh Waterloo!
For more on them: ABBAmania!

Which two of these three are twins?
Can you imagine John Travolta and
Saturday Night Fever without the BeeGees?!

Gymnastics' first 10.0 by this 14-year-old
Where would The Young and the Restless be without
Nadia's Song?

a Way-Cool Brady Bunch Gallery
Personally, Peter was my favorite.
"When it's time to change,'s time to re-arrange!"

Only $1.99! Advertised the
back of the Richie Rich comic books!
And you can teach these Sea Monkeys
to follow you commands!

The original WW:
Wonder Woman!
Can you remember the theme song?
If not, go here

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