On-Line Guides for E-Mail, Unix, and Internet

Resources related to usage of Electronic Mail.

General Information
A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email - Style Guide from University of Illinois
Information on Eudora from QUALCOMM
A Guide to The Eudora Mail Package from Australia
Getting Started On Pine
An interactive course in using PINE from University of Hawaii
PINE Information Center at University of Washington
Elm Tutorial from University of Hawaii
UCB Mail
UC Berkeley Mail Tutorial

Unix and Related Topic
For basic Unix concepts, please see hypertext service UNIXhelp for Users
Hypertext Tutorials on vi and C-shell from University of Hawaii

Networking and Internet
For World-Wide Web concepts, please see Entering the WWW: A Guide to Cyberspace and from NCSA - World Wide Web Intro and Mosaic
Also take a look at Internet Services List and Monster FTP Site List

Misc Guides
Gnuplot Manual from Dartmouth

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