Historic Churchill


Arctic Dawn - The Journeys of Samuel Hearne. A lively and irreverent 18th Century chronicler.

No p.c. crap. Just accurate reporting of what ol' Sam saw, from his unvarnished point of view, and rather fun to read. He was there in the 1700's/

Somewhat More Modern Churchill

In the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, Canada and the USA maintained a military base up in Churchill. This cold-war vintage enterprise included a rocket range that has since become the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. (My web page on it). The missle launching tower, from which many an Aerobee rocket shot skyward, remains to this day. It provides a valuable landmark when one is out hiking on the relatively featureless tundra. You are never totally lost if you see the tower, because you can walk toward it, get a cup of coffee and use the phone at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. (the CNSC official Web page)

The military heritage Canada-USA Cooperation

An editorial: I noticed last time I visited Gordon Point, that the watchtower was deterioriating. This watch tower was an important part of Churchill's history. I would urge the people up there to maintain and restore it. Somehow, it could be useful for tourism, either just as a landmark or someplace to visit. Perhaps it could be rented out at some outrageous rate to wildlife photographers as a safe and relatively comfortable place to be while photographing birds, bears and other wildlife. It is a structure that may or may not be unique to Churchill, but it is one not found everywhere and therefore of interest to visitors. I hope, urge that thought and attention will be given to preserving this portion of Churchill's heritage.


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