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    We are always interested in young collegues of all ages:

    If you would like to join the group as an undergraduate or graduate student, please contact the PI via email (ana@chem.ucla.edu). Prospective graduate students need to go through the Departmental application process, and to be officially admitted to the program, before they can start working in the group. However, making the initial contact with the PI is always encouraged.

    A postdoctoral position is currently available in the lab. Required qualifications include a strong background in electronic structure theory, and programming/scripting skills; desired qualifications include experience with PAW-DFT calculations in PBC. Starting date is negotiable. Please send your CV with the list of publications to Prof. Alexandrova (ana@chem.ucla.edu), and request 2 letters of recommendation to be emailed on your behalf.

    Thank you for your interest!