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Lecture Notes

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These files are large compendia (about 7-8 MB) for each quarter listed below.
For individual sets of lecture notes, visit the appropriate class pages
Chem 30A - Fall 2005
Chem 30A - Spring 2005
Chem 30A - Winter 2005
Chem 30A - Fall 2004
Chem 30B - Spring 2004
Chem 30B - Fall 2003
Disclaimer! These are my own personal lecture notes that I used to teach various classes at UCLA. They may contain mistakes, I do not guarantee their accuracy (although I think they are pretty good!). Remember - different people teach classes in different ways, there are many different interpretations of the same phenomenon/concept. If the instructor teaching your class deviates from MY notes, that is OK, do not go and wave my notes in their face and say, something like: "well, Cantrill says this... so my answer on the midterm must be right, give me more points." Really, don't do that. Seriously. Use them as a back-up, as a supplement. Furthermore, don't e-mail me to say that Lecture 2 is missing, or page 6 from Lecture 23, or whatever. This is all I have. What is missing, is missing. Lost to the sands of time or something equally romantic.