Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry: Statement of Purpose

The vocabulary of organic chemistry can be a confusing, bewildering barrier to mastery of the subject. The Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry is intended to serve as a bridge between a basic organic chemistry course, and the complexity of organic chemistry in the real world. Each Illustrated Glossary entry includes a definition, an illustration, links to related terms (in the Illustrated Glossary as well as Wikipedia). This Glossary is designed to clarify unclear, confusing, and erroneous organic chemistry definitions. It is not intended to be encyclopedic or to replace Wikipedia, but instead to supplement classroom and textbook learning. In addition, it is intended to provide context for organic chemistry vocabulary as used in the author's Chem 14C, Chem 14D, Chem 30A, Chem 30B, and Chem 30C courses at UCLA.

To facilitate students' varied learning styles, each Illustrated Glossary entry includes both a text description as well as one or more illustrative graphics. Videos are used as well, where appropriate.

The author hopes the Glossary will ease the student's struggle towards mastery of organic chemistry, and to provide a pathway for the curious to explore concepts and their connections in more depth.

Copyright 2010-2017 Steven A. Hardinger, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA. All rights reserved. For images with permission, click the image to review the permission. All other images property of the author or are in the public domain.