Sans Serif Bee Font Page


I have developed a keyboard layout using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4. It's called KeyBee and you can download it HERE. It is in a zip file which includes several different intaller packages for use with different machines. To install the keyboard run the executable called "setup". This layout can be used to enter Deseret Alphabet characters from their Unicode positions. The layuot is the same as the BeeFont layout which is simple and already familiar to many of you. Once the keyboard has been installed the installer package can be used to uninstall or repair the keyboard. This keyboard, as far as I know, is not compatible with Mac machines unles you are running Windows on your Mac.

Samuel Boyland has also developed a Deseret keyboard. His keyboard can be downloaded HERE.

For Mac users I have created a keyboard using the web tool by Alex Eulenberg. The Mac keyboard also follows the BeeFont layout. You can download it HERE. For instructions how to install the Mac keyboard go HERE. I have also included a copy of a text file containing the layout instructions to be used with the web tool. If you need some other version of the keyboard you can simply use the text file to generate it using the web tool. (disclaimer: I have not used the Mac keyboard on a Mac- I don't have one handy - let me know if there are any problems. Sorry about that.)

Here is the list of the Sans Serif style Bee Fonts. Click on the name of the font to download a copy. A sample of each font is shown below its name.





TuBee Blunt

TuBee Blunt Hollow Light

TuBee Blunt Hollow Medium

TuBee Blunt Shadow

TuBee Round

TuBee Round Hollow Light

TuBee Round Hollow Medium

TuBee Round Shadow