Japanese Super Cars

Acura NSX-T

Why do I like the NSX so much? It's not the fastest of the sports cars, although it can hold its own at 5.0 seconds in the 0-60 MPH category, and it's certainly not the most exotic looking. In my opinion, the NSX has the most perfect blend of speed and gorgeous looks. The "cockpit" of the NSX, which was designed to resemble an F12 fighter cockpit, is extremely comfortable and offers a wide view of the road. What's more, it's also extremely pleasurable to drive. In fact, most owners claim they use it for their everyday driving. The NSX also possesses an environmentally-conscious fuel economy of 17/23 mpg. If only I had $85,000 to spare...

Nissan 300ZX

The re-styled Nissan 300ZX came along in 1990 and instantly became a classic. The automobile world simply fell in love with its beautiful looks, and it remains one of the most refined and best-looking car on the road today. Am I biased? Maybe, since I drive one, a burgundy 1990 2+2 with all the amenities. It handles beautifully and is very comfortable, even for a 6'1" guy with long legs like me. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, as Nissan has decided to discontinue the Z. The one pictured is the last one to roll off the assembly line; it has been donated to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Toyota Supra

The Supra is a truly menacing speedy automobile, and it's large tail is reminiscent of the F40, although not quite in the same class in terms of speed. That is, unless you do aftermarket modifications, which is a popular pastime for many avid Supra owners. They always turn heads when you see one cruising the streets.

Mazda RX7

The RX7 was re-styled in 1995 with a new look, and more horses to put it in the same class as the cars it competes with. It does so well, even doing so with a price tag in the same range. Unfortunately it doesn't really stand out among this group of cars. Doesn't mean I won't take it if someone offered it to me though...

Mitsubishi 3000GT

I originally decided not to include this car because I didn't think it was as aesthetically pleasing as the others in this group. But after many requests, many of which from owners, I finally relented and added it to this group. My complaint is that the car looks bulky and heavy, and despite having more horsepower than both the NSX and the 300ZX it's slower than either one. The stats shown below are for the 1999 VR4, which is an improved 3000GT but still the slowest of the bunch.


Make and Model

Acura NSX-T

Nissan 300ZX Turbo

Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

Mazda RX7

Mitsubishi 3000GT

Engine Type and Displacement

3.0L VTEC V-6

3.0L V-6

3.0L, 24 valve I-6

1308cc Wankel

3.0L V-6

Power (bhp)






Performance (0-60mph)






Top Speed (mph)






Price Tag






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