Chemistry 14D

Spring 2012 - UCLA

Music Videos

To watch some of the best Chem 14D videos from previous years,

check out the links below!

2010 Videos

2011 Videos

>250 Chem 14D students rallied this year to produce 83 music videos about organic chemistry! Many of the videos can be found on youtube, and just a few of our favorites are listed below with links.

(for visitors, you may notice a Lord of the Rings theme in many of the videos)

The Beastie GARGs


Neyamatullah Akbar

Basheer Alas

Haddy Alas

Tarik Takkesh

Hey there Neil Garg


Neda Ghassemi

Aaron Lalehzarian

Firuz Yumul

Tianna Wilson



Karla Canizales

China Magno

Anuvir Singh

Remember the Mechs


Kassey Coronol

Oz Davis

Brian Dickey

Anantha Singarajah

I Kissed a TA


Angelica Chaghouri

Rebecca Dehnel

Andrew Tusaazemajja

Brendan Wee

Wannabe my phile


Gabriela Beroukhim

Miriam Eshaghian

Matthew Farajzadeh

Jessica Kianmahd

Read the UCLA Newsroom Story about the 2012 Project

“Chemistry you can dance to”

UCLA Newsroom Story – by Stuart Wolpert