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Mike Jung and John Lowe


Ken Houk, Randy Vivian and Randy Halcomb


Paul Reider and Sally Evans


Ken Houk and Larry Overman


David A. Evans, Miguel Garcia-Garibay, Harold Martinson (Chair)


Mike Jung,, Percy Carter, John Lowe and Paul Ornstein


Bill Gelbart, David Evans, Jake Janey, Mike Jung (peering out from behind unidentified shoulder)


Jean Claude Caille, and Chuck Kreutzberger


Paul Ornstein from Lilly, Brian Safina from Genentech, and Miguel Garcia-Garibay


Paul Reider, left, Craig Merlic addressing assembled lunch group


David Evans and Ray Wong


David Evans


Ian Davies and Paul Reider


Sally Evans, Larry Overman and Tom Britton from Lilly